Roblox Rainbow Friends: How To Get Gems

Learn how to get Gems in Rainbow Friends.

Rainbow Friends is a horror and survival Roblox game wherein the players have to survive five nights. However, survival is not that easy as there are five different monsters haunting the map of this Roblox game. Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, and Red are the five different monsters appearing each night for five days. The sole aim of this game is to survive and collect items successfully till five nights are over. Moreover, survival is possible by avoiding any kind of contact with the Monsters. A Box can be used to hide whenever a monster is nearby. It is possible to change the color of the Boxes by purchasing cosmetics. Gems are the premium currency in which this game deals. Here’s our guide that features steps to earn Gems in Rainbow Friends.

How to Get Gems in Rainbow Friends

How to get Gems in Rainbow Friends

Robux is a premium currency used in every Roblox game to purchase rare items like Gems or Boosts. As of now, Robux is the only way through which you can purchase Gems in Rainbow Friends. But, you can still earn coins by progressing further in the game.

The game is completely free-to-play and it is not mandatory to get Gems in Rainbow Friends. The need of getting free Gems is only because players want to stand out in the lobby by getting their hands on some special cosmetics offered by the developers. In addition, Coins act as an alternative to Gems when buying any cosmetics in the game. For instance, a Nucleus Cosmetic box can be purchased for 500x Gems. Whereas, the same cosmetic is available for purchase in exchange for 7,500x Coins. But, earning coins requires a decent amount of gameplay sessions.

That’s all you can do to earn Gems in Rainbow Friends If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Roblox Guides.