Roblox Rainbow Friends: How To Feed Orange (Explained)

Know how to feed Orange in Rainbow Friends.

Rainbow Friends is a horror Roblox game developed by Fragment Games wherein you play as a kidnapped student. As of now, there’s only one chapter introduced in this game that ends after successfully surviving five nights. However, each night, you’ll encounter five different monsters known by the name Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, and Red. They look different in appearance and have their own characteristics. Speaking of Orange, players are still trying to figure out if it’s a Lizard, Alligator, or a Raptor. He is the most violent monster among his friends who gets angry when not fed. Check out this guide to know how to feed Orange in Rainbow Friends.

How to Feed Orange in Rainbow Friends Roblox

How to feed Orange in Rainbow Friends

Orange appears in Chapter one, Night three, and can be found inside his cave known as Orange’s Hideout. Although, here’s how you can feed Orange in the game:

  • Orange always rests near his feeding bowl inside his hideout.
  • There’s a machine known as Food Dispenser 3000 next to Orange’s feeding bowl in Rainbow Friends
  • Get close to the machine and pull the red lever to fill the bowl with food.
  • Also, keep in mind that whenever the Food Dispenser is used, Orange leaves his place for a while to check out the surrounding. Meanwhile, you can use a box to hide.
  • Further, when the bowl is filled with food, Orange won’t leave his place for a while in Rainbow Friends.
  • This will buy you some time to explore and complete other quests. But, this is a temporary solution as Orange will definitely get out of the cave when the food is finished.
  • When Orange is anywhere near you, he makes loud noises. In addition, he runs faster on his orange path while leaving an orange-colored trajectory behind.

That is how to feed Orange in Rainbow Friends. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Roblox Guides.