Roblox Rainbow Friends: How To Survive Green (Explained)

Learn how to survive Green in Rainbow Friends.

Rainbow Friends is a horror survival Roblox game wherein you play as a kidnapped student avoiding some terrifying monsters. Fragment Games, the developer of this game have only released one chapter of this game. Within that one chapter, there are five nights considered as five levels. Five different monsters known as Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, and Red emerge on the map. Speaking of Green, he appears on the second night haunting the sight of the player. It is possible to avoid these monsters using some methods as they have certain weaknesses. Here’s our guide that features steps to avoid Green in Rainbow Friends.

How to Survive Green in Rainbow Friends

How to Survive Green in Rainbow Friends

This green-colored monster is blind and appears as a giant with googly eyes and huge wavy arms. Also, Green can decimate you even if you are hiding inside a box. Since Green is blind, he wanders anywhere on the map and stops at random places to touch things. It is possible to identify him by hearing his squeaky footsteps. Just avoid getting close and coming in contact with this monster. In addition, this monster often blocks corridors and passages with his huge limbs. So, just stay careful while running from room to room as he might be camping around. Just a simple touch of Green causes the game to end.

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Green is the slowest monster among all his Rainbow Friends. He is slower than you even when you move while crouching. Green does not chase even after hearing the sound, this makes it much easier to avoid him. This monster does hunt actively like the other ones. He just wanders and kills in an absolute blinder.

That’s all you have to do to avoid and survive Green in Rainbow Friends. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Roblox Guides.