Rainbow Friends: All Monsters List & How To Escape Them

Here is everything you need to know about the different characters in Rainbow Friends.

Rainbow Friends is a horror game where you come across different monsters. This game is developed by Fragment Games. In this game, you are stuck in a facility where you have to find all blocks to escape. But escaping won’t be exactly easy as there are 4 different monsters on the loose. So in this guide let us take a look at the list of all characters in Rainbow Friends for Roblox and how to survive them.

All Characters & Monsters in Rainbow Friends

rainbow friends all characters list in roblox

There are a total of 5 characters in Rainbow Friends, they are:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple

Here is how you can escape and survive each of them:


Let us start with the harmless monster. Red is a giant character that has big eyes and a red head that wears a lab coat. Since it is harmless you don’t have to worry about escaping it.


Blue is the first monster in Rainbow friends that you will encounter. It has a humanoid shape a button for an eye, a drool in its mouth, and it also wears a crown. Blue is slower than the player so you should run away from it and find a hiding spot if you hear the sound of Blue chasing you. You can also use your box to hide but make sure it doesn’t spot you while boxing.


Green is a tall enemy with googly eyes. It is blind so it won’t matter if you come in front of it. But what you need to be sure of, is to not make contact with it. Once you touch green it is an instant game over.

In order to escape it make sure you hear for any squeaking sound. Also, don’t rush into rooms rather listen for a sound before as it can be camping. Green has the same speed as the player.


Orange is the most aggressive monster on this list. It has the appearance of a small lizard-like raptor. Look out for the orange line and sirens, these both indicate its attack. The siren suggests that it is approaching while the line shows its path. Once you get both these signals you should hide, and hide anywhere except on the line.

In order to survive it, box up as soon as you hear the siren and get out of its line of travel. Orange is faster than the player so if it spots the player it will hunt them quickly.


You can find Purple inside vents. Purple can only be seen having eyes and hands because so far its body structure isn’t shown. It always spawns in vents so in order to dodge it, don’t cross the vents.

That covers this guide on the list of all monsters in Rainbow friends and how to survive these characters. Don’t forget to also check out how to get gems in Rainbow Friends.