Modern Warfare 2 Raid: New Mode Explained

Here is everything you should know about the new mode in Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has many upcoming new game modes and Raid is one of them. Players are excited for the new modes announced on the Tweet by the developers. Not only is there two-player missions in Spec Ops but also some information available for Raids. So in this guide let us learn everything known so far about the new Raid mode in CoD MW2.

What is the Raid Mode in Modern Warfare 2?

what is raid mode in cod mw2 and when is the release date

Raid is an upcoming 3v3 game mode that will is expected to release after the launch of the game. As per the official Tweet by @CallofDuty “The all-new mode Raid, available after launch, tests teamwork and strategic, puzzle-solving in-between bouts of intense combat”.

So breaking down the points, the biggest thing to notice here is the puzzle-solving between the combat part. It is safe to assume, that unlike a usual death match or knock out mode the goal isn’t going to be something as simple as just eliminating enemies. Although it does say between bouts so you can rest assured that the gunplay won’t be eliminated completely.

There is also an emphasis on the teamwork and strategic part. So the game will encourage partying up with friends to help better coordination and teamwork. And if you cannot play with friends, then you should at least use more comms during the matches in this mode. Lastly, what the strategic part refers to is yet to be found.

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When will Raid mode release?

As mentioned previously, Raid mode will be available after the launch of the game. And Modern Warfare 2 will release on October 28th, 2022. So we can expect that Raid mode will be available on the same date, or maybe after a few days or weeks, with some future update.

That covers this guide on what the Raid mode will be in Modern Warfare 2 and when it will release. If you are looking to learn about the other modes in this game check out our other guides on all game modes, what DMZ mode is, and how to play knock out. And for help on other topics on this game check out our Modern Warfare 2 guides.

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