Modern Warfare 2: All Game Modes

Know all the game modes available to play in COD Modern Warfare 2.

The game contains several new in-game features that are capable of keeping you entertained for hours. For almost a decade now, COD games are known for their variety of in-game elements and modes. This diversity makes COD stand out from the other FPS games. Although, in Modern Warfare 2, there are some returning and new game modes that are made more fun with the update. Know about the game modes available to play in Modern Warfare 2 through our guide.

All Game Modes in COD Modern Warfare 2

All Game Modes in COD Modern Warfare 2 Beta

Here are all the game modes that you should try in Modern Warfare 2:

Team Deathmatch

Play in a team of six players with unlimited respawns. The only way to win the match is by completing a specific number of kills. In Public Matches, the first team to reach the score of 75 kills wins this game mode in Modern Warfare 2.


Further in this mode, you have to Defend or Attack three zones, A, B, and C. The first team to reach the target score wins the match. After getting killed by an opponent, the players respawn on the opposite side of the map. All you have to do is to get near a Flag of a specific zone and wait until the Capture Meter is filled. Later, once the meter is filled, the zone is under your Domination.

Knock Out

This is one of the newest addition to COD Modern Warfare 2. The main objective of this game is to acquire a package located in one of the three zones on the map. To make a clear path towards victory, simply collect the package and keep it acquired till the end. Also, you win the match by decimating the entire enemy team. However, the location of whoever holds the package is revealed on the map leaving them vulnerable to incoming enemy attacks. Additionally, it is possible to carry and revive a knocked-out teammate in this game mode.

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Prisoner Rescue – New Game Mode in Modern Warfare 2


Moving ahead, Prisoner Rescue is also the newest addition to this game. The objective of the defenders in this mode is to locate and protect the hostages. The attackers can locate the hostages with the help of the handcuffed icon on the mini-map. Further, the attackers have to pick up the hostages and carry them all the way to the extraction point to win. Moreover, it is also possible to win by keeping a hold on hostages till the timer runs out. Also carrying a hostage restricts movement. It slows down the player and only allows the use of sidearms like pistols. This game mode in COD Modern Warfare 2 is a fun addition.

Search and Destroy

In this mode, you play either as an attacker or as a defender. The objective of the defender is to search and defuse the bomb before the timer runs out. Beware, you only live once in this mode until you are spawned again in the next round. Whereas, the attackers have to plant the bomb on a site and protect it from the defenders. Attackers can also win the game if they destroy the entire enemy team.

These are the game modes currently available to play in Modern Warfare 2. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other COD Modern Warfare guides.