COD Modern Warfare 2: How To Play Prison Rescue

Confused about dropping hostages to safety? Check out our guide on how to play Prison Rescue in COD Modern Warfare 2.

With the recent release of the open beta of Modern Warfare 2, several new contents have been added to the game. This includes several new gameplay elements and modes for the excited players. Prison Rescue is one of the newest game modes that involve rescuing or defending prisoners. But as it is a new game mode, several players are confused about grinding on this mode. So, check out our guide on how to play Prison Rescue in COD Modern Warfare 2.

How to Play Prison Rescue in COD Modern Warfare 2

There are two roles assigned to the operators for the Prison Rescue mode. They are the Attackers and the Defenders. Similar to Search and Destroy mode, you will switch these roles every two rounds. As the name already suggests, Defenders need to protect the Hostage prisoners from the Attackers near their spawn area. On the other hand, the Attackers need to physically pick up these prisoners and take them to their extraction point. To locate these hostages, look for the Handcuff icon on the map.

cod modern 2 beta play prison rescue

The picked-up Hostages can be dropped at any time to attack your opponents in MW2. While you can use your sidearms as you pick these prisoners, your major movements will be restricted. In addition to that, you will also significantly slow down. So, it is better to have your friend or team member cover you during this process. If you or the teammate picking up the prisoner dies, the hostage will be dropped immediately. But these hostages won’t move a budge unless they are picked up.

Tips & Tricks for Prison Rescue in Call Of Duty MW 2

As mentioned earlier, you will switch sides for every two rounds you complete. Being a Defender, you need to rescue these hostages and not let them be extracted. You also need to eliminate the Attackers trying to do so. In addition to that, you can also complete several daily challenges and objectives. For every hostage dropped and rescued, your team will be rewarded 50 points. The first team getting 500 points will win the match.

While there are no respawns, you can revive your team members for getting XP. You can use the smoke grenades for a safe spot to revive your teammates. As it is the same for the opposing team, you can use this to bait your enemies. Once they come close to reviving their allies, you can kill them. Alternatively, you can also set up some tactical cameras to check the locations of the Defenders or Attackers, alike. You need to plan out a detailed strategy for carrying out and winning these matches.

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