All Maps In COD Modern Warfare 2

Check out the list of all the Maps available in the COD Modern Warfare 2 till yet.

In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 players will come across plenty of maps to grind in. Some of the maps are even inspired by the old ones. For your reference, we’ve made up a list of all the maps confirmed & released yet in the game. This list includes all the 6v6 Multiplayer maps and 32v32 focused Ground War maps in the game. So without any further ado let’s take a look at all the maps available in COD MW2.

Maps Released in Call Of Duty MW2

As of now, the developers have released 16 COD MW2 maps in total. Among these maps, there are 11 maps built especially for 6v6 Multiplayer fights and 5 Ground War maps for 32v32 fights.

  • Al Bagra Fortress (6v6)
  • Crown Raceway (6v6)
  • El Asilo (6v6)
  • Embassy (6v6)
  • Santa Sena Border Crossing (6v6)
  • Zarqwa Hydroelectric (6v6)
  • Mercado Las Almas (6v6)
  • Taraq (6v6) 
  • Farm 18 (6v6)
  • Valderas Museum (6v6)
  • Breenbergh Hotel (6v6)
  • Sarrif Bay (32v32)
  • Sa’id (32v32)
  • Guijarro (32v32)
  • SantaSena  (32v32) 
  • Taraq (32v32)

So without any further ado let’s get into the details of the maps mentioned above.

Al Bagra Fortress (6v6)

maps in cod mw2

Al Bagra Fortress is the map that takes place in Al Mazrah, United Republic of Adal. As of now, there is not much to know about this location except, that it’s going to be specially designed for 6v6 multiplayer modes except Ground War. In this location, you’ll come across various Main Hall, Gift shops & Blacksmith areas to destroy.

Crown Raceway (6v6)

This Formula 1-themed 6v6 map is one of the most popular maps to try out in COD MW2. This map is located in Southeast Asia, which was previously known as Marina Bay but was changed due to some conflicts. In this area, players will come across various amazing things that’ll make the game more intense. Such as the car’s racing pass-by noise, will surely irritate you while you’re concentrating on the footsteps. If you’re an F1 racing fan and love playing FPS games, then this map is the one for you.

El Asilo (6v6)

El Asilo is also a 6v6 focused map located in Las Almas, Mexico. This map is especially recommended for the snipers out there. Every small mountain has a clear view to spot & shoot the enemies. The warehouses in this location can also get you in trouble, so make sure you keep your eyes and ears alert.

Embassy (6v6)

Embassy map is also located in Al Mazrah, United Republic of Adal. This map is relatively small in comparison with the other maps in COD MW2 which makes it perfect for intense 6v6 fights. The shape of this battle area is square giving fewer places for your enemy to hide.

Santa Sena Border Crossing (6v6)

Santa Sena Border Crossing is an abandoned 6v6 battle area with several broken cars. This map takes place in Las Almas, Mexico which players avoid playing in. That is because you never know who is hiding behind a car and who can kill you in seconds.

Zarqwa Hydroelectric (6v6)

This 6v6 map is also located in Al Mazrah, United Republic of Adal. Zarqwa Hydroelectric has several areas to camp and finishes off the enemy. You can hide under the bridges beside the huge rocks and many more. However, try to make no noise when you’re walking in the water underneath the bridge.

Mercado Las Almas (6v6) – Maps on COD MW2

Mercado Las Almas maps cod modern warfare 2 beta

Mercado Las Almas is a Mexican Marketplace that is specially built focusing on tight 6v6 battles in the game. In this map, ground traps will be your best friend that’s because the corridors and other areas are pretty small. This small marketplace area will not let the enemy hide and they’ll eventually face the heat of your gun. As a bonus, there are various food carts and vans that you can take the cover of.

Taraq (6v6)

This 6v6 focused map can get you killed if you don’t keep an eye out for the snipers. It is located in Al mazrah, where you’ll come across several destroyed houses. Here the short-range fights can be avoided, but that depends on your fighting style.

Farm 18 (6v6)

farm 18 maps call of duty modern warfare 2 beta

Farm 18 is an abandoned Cement Factory whose location is Classified. This map is considered the smallest map available for the 6v6 battles in the game. If you love quick matches and aggressive gameplay, then this map is the one for you. If you’re planning to play Farm 18 then we recommend you use SMGs and Shotguns.

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Valderas Museum (6v6)

Valderas Museum is located in Spain, where you can use your snipers and blow up enemies’ heads easily. However make sure you don’t run in the open or take a peek, you never know who’s ready to take the shot. The map also has areas where you’ll come across various close-range fights. So select your load-out accordingly and get ready to break those expensive artifacts alongside your 5 teammates.

Breenbergh Hotel (6v6)

Breenbergh Hotel

Breenbergh Hotel is a Vintage hotel located in Amsterdam, which is ideal for close and long-range 6v6 fights. The fights on this map will mostly be indoors and in the long corridors. So make the right call because you’ll surely face many surprise enemy entrances.

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Sarrif Bay (32v32) – Battle Maps on COD MW2

Get ready to be hit by some nostalgia, because the Sarrif Bay map is inspired and taken by the Warzone 2.0 map. This map is specially designed for 32v32 battles where you’ll come across the need to swim or take a boat.

Sa’id (32v32)

Sa’id is considerably a smaller map but has several large spaces which are ideal for long-range weapon users. In this map, you’ll also get to see certain close-range combats, so be ready for the 32v32 battle.

Guijarro (32v32)

Guijarro is a 32v32 focused map located in Las Almas, Mexico. This map is pretty large with small pathways to peak and snipe. In this map, you’ll also come across several areas to hide and camp.

Santa Sena (32v32)

As mentioned earlier, this map is located in Las Almas, Mexico. Santa Sena also supports 32v32 modes in the map. Players consider it one of the worst maps available in COD MW2. In the 32v32 the maps just get bigger, but the hassle of going through broken cars and barricades remains the same.

Taraq (32v32)

Taraq map also supports 32v32 battle modes. This map is located in Al mazrah, where you’ll come across several destroyed houses that you can take the cover of. However, here you surely take care of your head, because there’s a huge possibility that a sniper is waiting for you to peek.

These were all the maps that are confirmed and released yet in the COD Modern Warfare 2. However this is not it, there will be several new maps and game modes introduced in the future. So stay tuned we’ll update this article as soon as new maps arrive. While you’re here take a look at the list of best Assault rifles to use, and also read how to slide & cancel in the game.