PUBG: Mobile Season 13 Releases In India

How to get the Royal Passes and what's new in PUBG Season 13? Read to find out...

As Tencent Games nears its 4th anniversary with PUBG Mobile, there is a lot to celebrate on our side as well – Season 13 releases this May. After a successful 2 month run of Season 12, PUBG has announced the 13th Season shortly after the “much-talked-about” 0.18.0 update that released on 7th May.

How and when to get the Season 13 Royal Passes?

Season 13 can be deemed as a gamers’ request Season as it brings in all the fan-favorite features and themes. The Royal Pass for Season 13 is based on a toy theme and named the Toy Playground.

Indian Gamers can grab their free Royal Passes on 13th May starting at 7:30 AM (IST) onwards. If you wish to upgrade your free pass to an Elite Pass, you can do so by shelling out 600 UCs while the Elite Plus Pass will set you back by 1800 UCs. If you are falling short on PUBGs currency, you can purchase the Elite Plus Pass for Season 13 at Rs. 1,949. This includes a Classic Crate Coupon as well. Or you can purchase 600 UCs for Rs. 799 for a normal Elite Pass.

PUBG Season 13: What’s new?

With the 0.18.0 update merging with the Season 13’s release, it is quite certain that this update was just a hefty push to this Season. PUBG started rolling out special prizes and events for Season 13 weeks before the actual release of the new Season. This has kept the gamers looking forward to this highly anticipated fans-Season.

  • The Miramar 2.0 map gets the new Sandstorm weather anomaly update on 12th May that introduces new hurdles in surviving a Battle Royale in the Miramar.
  • Bluehole Mode and the Jungle Adventure Mode will be hitting the game as well.
  • The new Ice Ranger and the Fire Ranger outfits will be unlocked at Rank 50.
  • The new Ultradefender outfit set will be unlocked at rank 100.
  • A highly customizable Puppet Agent outfit that will evolve mythically as you upgrade in rankings.
  • Carton Rangers is a never before seen feature, added to the game, which kicked off well before the Season 13 actually released. Carton rangers allow you to unlock coupons by fulfilling a few easy tasks and you can use those coupons to customize your very own superhero toys. On 18th May, you will receive rewards for the same and the special prize is the new Ice Ranger outfit. This way you can unlock the skin without having to reach Rank 50.
  • Special missions allow you to team up with other gamers in order to finish tasks faster.
  • You will now be able to track your mission progress easily with a redesigned reminder interface for Royal Pass missions.
  • Your Kill/Death statistics will be featured as an Average Kill/Death for better statistical records.
  • There has been a rumored Guncraft customization in PUBG that will allow you to highly customize the looks of your weapons with embedded logos and graffitis of your own creation.

All this, and much much more is yet to be revealed for the Season 13 of PUBG mobile. So far 0.18.0 update is the most widely talked about in PUBG, and if you want to fill in on the information, read our PUBG guides on Miramar 2.0.