PUBG Mobile: Sandstorms Hit The New Miramar 2.0 on 12th May

A storm is coming, better be prepared.

PUBG: Mobile released its latest update 0.18.0 on 7th May 2020 and hinted at a new Sandstorm feature in the updated Miramar 2.0 map. The new update has brought a new wave of excitement among PUBG gamers all around the world and for good reasons. We now have new outfits, added weapon sets, canted sight, upgraded landscapes, and larger maps with exclusive features to each and every one of them. It is as if Tencent Games has decided to give a complete revival to an already successful Battle Royale in the market right now.

The Incoming Sandstorm

Just like the Arctic Mode for the Vikendi map got the new blizzard feature, the updated Miramar map 2.0 has got its own weather anomaly – the Sandstorm. This was in talks for quite some time and PUBG Mobile finally confirmed it on 9th May after the release of 0.18.0 update on 7th May.

Unlike the blizzards of Arctic mode, Sandstorms will majorly blind every player’s field of view if they are in the radius of the storm. You will be able to search for hidden crates within the storm where you can spawn special loot, this might hopefully help you prepare for a battle once the dust clears. If you manage to maintain some visibility in the storm by crawling on the ground, you can ambush your enemies with their guards down. Luckily, you can spot the Sandstorms on the map, which might help you prepare for the worst. And with a bunch of more new features, Miramar 2.0 will be a true survival Battle Royale.

What else is new in Miramar 2.0?

  • The Oasis
  • The New Ruins
  • The Golden Mirado
  • Vending machines for Energy Drinks and PainKillers
  • Race Tracks

The 0.18.0 update welcomes Season 13 of PUBG which launches this 13th May 2020. For more news on PUBG stay updated with our PUBG guides.