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How To Get Candy In Pokemon Sleep (Farming Guide)

If you are having trouble farming the Candies in Pokemon Sleep, then here's how you can get them quickly.

If you want to evolve or level up your favorite Pokemon, then you must farm Candy as much as you can in Pokemon Sleep. Evolving & leveling up the Helpers can really allow the Pokemon more ingredients & berries. And that will help you to raise Snorlax big quickly. But if you’re having trouble getting the Candy in the first place, then don’t worry we’re here to help. For your reference, below we have mentioned all the farming methods to get Candies easily.

Best Ways to Farm Candy in Pokemon Sleep

How To Get Candy In Pokemon Sleep (Farming Candies Guide) Farm Candy Methods

Here are all the ways to farm Candy in Pokemon Sleep easily.

  • Discover new Sleep Styles
  • Add Pokemon to Helper Team
  • Send Pokemon to Professor Neroli
  • Add Friends in Research Community
  • Purchase Candy from Shop

Go ahead and try out these methods to start farming Candies quickly. If you’re not familiar with the above-mentioned methods then scroll down for more details.

Discover New Sleep Styles

Every Pokemon has different types of Sleeping Styles and discovering them will grant you free candies. All you have to do is start a sleep session to get some rest for yourself and for the Pokemon as well. And once you wake up, there’s a chance that the Pokemon in Helper Team was sleeping in a new Sleep style.

Add Pokemon to Helper Team

If you want to farm species-specific Candy in Pokemon Sleep then you must add that species Pokemon to your Helper Team. And there’s a chance that you may gather a Candy of two just like that. The Pokemon tend to produce Candies on their own randomly. And once they do, you’ll see a candy pop up on their head. So make sure you keep an eye out.

Send Pokemon to Professor Neroli

You can even try sending Pokemon to Professor Neroli to get 5 Species-specific Candies for free. To do this, click on the Pokemon Box and select the Pokemon. Once selected click on the button located on the right corner and select the Send it to the Professor option. But you must note, that doing so will release the Pokemon, which means you won’t get it back.

Add Friends in Research Community

Players can also earn free Candies by adding new friends to the Research Community. By doing this you’ll get 1x Candy from your friends after their Sleep Session ends. The Candy will be given on the basis of the species your friend used in their Sleep Session. You can also get 1x Handy Candy S after you reach Closeness Level 1 with a friend. Furthermore, 2x Handy Candy S is given after you hit Closeness Level 5.

Purchase Candy from Shop

If you simply want to cut the chase, then buying Candies upfront is also a viable option. There are 2 types of Candy you can buy in the game, such as.

  • Handy Candy S: Can be bought from the Regular Exchange Shop for 160 Sleep Points. Equal to 3 any species of Candy.
  • Handy Candy M: Can be bought from the Premium Exchange Shop for 500 Sleep Points. Equal to 20 any species of Candy.

That is all you need to know about how you can farm Candy in Pokemon Sleep easily. If your Helper team is looking a little sad, then check out the best ways to make your Pokemon Happy. Also, take a look at how to catch Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep easily.