Pokemon Sleep: How To Tell If Shiny (& How To Get)

Here is how to differentiate between normal and Shiny variants in Pokemon Sleep.

Haven’t been able to catch Shiny because you can’t tell if it’s Shiny in Pokemon Sleep? The game is simple, fun, and unique, so such difficulties are common. Even many players who caught Shiny in the first week of release found it hard to completely tell the difference between normal and Shiny Pokemon. There are some major differences in looks, but they might not apply to all. So there is only one best way to tell if it’s Shiny. Wondering what that way is? Read along to know.

How to Tell and Catch Shiny in Pokemon Sleep

How To Catch Shiny In Pokemon Sleep 

Shiny Pokemon are always hungry, so much so that you will catch them with any Biscuit. And that is the biggest sign of them. Though normal ones can be hungry too, not all are hungry like all Shiny. There is a 1 in 450 chance of you finding a Shiny variant after sleep. At the time of writing, players don’t see a shining light in the background of Shiny when they first encounter them. But when you check them on Sleep Style Dex, you will see Shiny animation.

The most noticeable difference in the appearance of the ordinary and Shiny variants is their color. Some Shiny Sleep Pokemons have lighter or darker shades of color than the normal ones. And some Shiny ones have completely different colors than normal ones. Shiny Eevees have a lighter color than normal Eevees.

You have to increase the rate or number of Pokemons appearance to find Shiny faster. There are several things you can do for that. Such as maxing out the Drowsy Power of Snorlax through 100 Sleep Score and keeping Snorlax fed. You can get a 100 Sleep Score with proper 8 hours and 30 minutes of sleep. And feeding berries will increase Snorlax’s strength.

That’s all you need to know to tell if it’s Shiny in Pokemon Sleep. We have covered many Pokemon games and their guides, so if you found this interesting, check out our site to find all Pokemon Sleep and game guides.