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Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier List Of Best Pokemon (2023)

Wondering which is the best Pokemon in Legends Arceus? Check out this Tier List to learn about it.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is out and has more than 240 Pokemon, so many fans are looking for a Tier List. And this makes sense as not every Pokemon is created equal. Some Pokemon are really strong while some are just training fodder. So in this guide let us take a look at the Tier List of all Pokemon in Legends Arceus for 2023 ranking from best to worst.


Pokemon Legends Arceus Best Pokemon Tier List

pokemon legends arceus all pokemon tier list

Before we get into this list, it is important to know that this is just my suggestion of the best Pokemon. While evaluating Pokemon many factors come into play like its stats, types, moves, and more. So you might feel some Pokemon is placed in the wrong Tier. That is fine as long as you have fun battling with them irrespective of which tier they are placed in. So without further ado let us take a look at this list.

Pokemon Tier
Arceus S-Tier
Giratina (Origin & Altered forms) S-Tier
Dialga (Origin & Normal forms) S-Tier
Palkia (Origin & Normal forms) S-Tier
Azelf S-Tier
Mesprit S-Tier
Uxie S-Tier
Regigas S-Tier
Darkrai S-Tier
Garchomp S-Tier
Cresselia S-Tier
Heatran S-Tier
Shaymin (Sky & Land forms) S-Tier
Hisuian Goodra S-Tier
Landorus (Therian & Normal forms) S-Tier
Tornadus (Therian & Normal forms) S-Tier
Thundurus (Therian & Normal forms) S-Tier
Enamorus (Therian & Normal forms) S-Tier
Typhlosion (Hisuian & Normal forms) A-Tier
Samurott (Hisuian & Normal forms) A-Tier
Decidueye (Hisuian & Normal forms) A-Tier
Hisuian Arcanine A-Tier
Infernape A-Tier
Empoleon A-Tier
Torterra A-Tier
Basculegoin A-Tier
Walrein A-Tier
Ursaluna A-Tier
Electivire A-Tier
Mamoswine A-Tier
Gyarados A-Tier
Togekiss A-Tier
Magnezone A-Tier
Rhyperior A-Tier
Magmortar A-Tier
Manaphy A-Tier
Lucario A-Tier
Gardevoir A-Tier
Snorlax B-Tier
Gallade B-Tier
Ninetales B-Tier
Scizor B-Tier
Kleavor B-Tier
Sylveon B-Tier
Vaporeon B-Tier
Flareoon B-Tier
Jolteon B-Tier
Glaceon B-Tier
Leafeon B-Tier
Umbreon B-Tier
Espeon B-Tier
Crobat B-Tier
Yanmega B-Tier
Gliscor B-Tier
Porygon-Z B-Tier
Tangrowth B-Tier
Tentacruel B-Tier
Bronzong B-Tier
Probopass B-Tier
Heracross B-Tier
Wyrdeer B-Tier
Hisuian Braviary B-Tier
Gengar B-Tier
Dusknoir B-Tier
Honchkrow B-Tier
Mismagius B-Tier
Blissey B-Tier
Hisuian Zoroark B-Tier
Sneasler B-Tier
Drapion B-Tier
Ursaring B-Tier
Roserade B-Tier
Glalie B-Tier
Porygon 2 B-Tier
Lickilicky B-Tier
Hisuian Avalugg B-Tier
Froslass B-Tier
Rapidash B-Tier
Steelix C-Tier
Golem C-Tier
Hippowdon C-Tier
Luxray C-Tier
Overqwil C-Tier
Machamp C-Tier
Alakazam C-Tier
Golduck C-Tier
Scyther C-Tier
Magmar C-Tier
Rhydon C-Tier
Floatzel C-Tier
Abomasnow C-Tier
Gastrodon C-Tier
Rampardos C-Tier
Hisuian Electrode C-Tier
Hisuian Lilligant C-Tier
Bastiodon C-Tier
Staraptor C-Tier
Electabuzz C-Tier
Toxicroak C-Tier
Mantine C-Tier
Spiritomb C-Tier
Ambipom C-Tier
Vespiqueen C-Tier
Lopunny C-Tier
Phione C-Tier
Hisuian Lilligant C-Tier
Clefable C-Tier
Magneton C-Tier
Octilery C-Tier
Carnivine C-Tier
Hisuian Sligoo C-Tier
Piloswine C-Tier
Chansey C-Tier
Cherim C-Tier
Dusclops C-Tier
Golbat C-Tier
Skuntank C-Tier
Drifblim C-Tier
Gabite D-Tier
Quilava D-Tier
Monferno D-Tier
Dewott D-Tier
Dartrix D-Tier
Prinplup D-Tier
Grotle D-Tier
Misdreavus D-Tier
Sealeo D-Tier
Gligar D-Tier
Whiscash D-Tier
Raichu D-Tier
Stantler D-Tier
Hisuian Basculin D-Tier
Lumineon D-Tier
Purugly D-Tier
Chimecho D-Tier
Mothim D-Tier
Bibarel D-Tier
Haunter D-Tier
Hisuian Sneasel D-Tier
Sudowudo D-Tier
Hisuian Quilfish D-Tier
Wormadam D-Tier
Chatot D-Tier
Machoke D-Tier
Kadabra D-Tier
Ponyta D-Tier
Togetic D-Tier
Roselia D-Tier
Buizel D-Tier
Murkrow D-Tier
Porygon D-Tier
Shellos D-Tier
Croagunk D-Tier
Vulpix D-Tier
Kirlia D-Tier
Pikachu D-Tier
Gible F-Tier
Rhyhorn F-Tier
Rufflet F-Tier
Drifloon F-Tier
Staravia F-Tier
Luxio F-Tier
Elekid F-Tier
Hisuian Growlithe F-Tier
Graveler F-Tier
Yanma F-Tier
Onix F-Tier
Lickitung F-Tier
Hisuian Voltorb F-Tier
Muchlax F-Tier
Magnetmite F-Tier
Rotom F-Tier
Snover F-Tier
Cyndaquil F-Tier
Chimchar F-Tier
Nosepass F-Tier
Tentacool F-Tier
Tangela F-Tier
Eevee F-Tier
Finneon F-Tier
Oshawott F-Tier
Piplup F-Tier
Turtwig F-Tier
Riolu F-Tier
Teddiursa F-Tier
Hisuian Zorua F-Tier
Rowlet F-Tier
Pachirisu F-Tier
Parasect F-Tier
Stunky F-Tier
Beautifly F-Tier
Dustox F-Tier
Kriketune F-Tier
Cranidos F-Tier
Magby F-Tier
Aipom F-Tier
Hippopotas F-Tier
Skorpi F-Tier
Shieldon F-Tier
Buneary F-Tier
Mantyke F-Tier
Unown F-Tier
Clefairy F-Tier
Happiny F-Tier
Psyduck F-Tier
Gastly F-Tier
Glameow F-Tier
Machop F-Tier
Ralts F-Tier
Remoraid F-Tier
Cascoon F-Tier
Cleffa F-Tier
Spheal F-Tier
Bergmite F-Tier
Duskull F-Tier
Bonsly F-Tier
Paras F-Tier
Petilil F-Tier
Pichu F-Tier
Geodude F-Tier
Bidoof F-Tier
Snorunt F-Tier
Togepi F-Tier
Budew F-Tier
Goomy F-Tier
Silcoon F-Tier
Chingling F-Tier
Magikarp F-Tier
Combee F-Tier
Bronzor F-Tier
Cherubi F-Tier
Shinx F-Tier
Swinub F-Tier
Starly F-Tier
Zubat F-Tier
Barboach F-Tier
Kricketot F-Tier
Wurmple F-Tier
Burmy F-Tier

That sums up this Tier List for the best Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus. If you enjoyed this list don’t miss out on our other Tier Lists. And, if you play other Pokemon games then we also have a Pokemon BDSP exclusive Pokemon Tier List. You can also check our other guide on what are Plates for in Pokemon Legends Arceus.