Pokemon Legends Arceus: What Are Plates For & What To Do With Them

Got your hands on some plates but not sure what they are for in Pokemon Legends Arceus? Check out this guide to learn about them.

Plates have been around since the fourth generation of the Pokemon games and are now back in Legends Arceus. These are mysterious items whose use isn’t easy to figure out at a single glance. So in this guide let us take a look at what are the Plates for in Pokemon Legends Arceus and what to do or how to use them.

What are Plates for in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

what are plates for in pokemon legends arceus

As of now, we don’t know what the Plates are for, what you can do with them, or how to use them in Pokemon Legends Arceus. While the uses of the Plates might be unknown in this game they used to serve multiple purposes in older Pokemon games.

The first purpose begins with boosting the power of the pokemon holding the plate. So for example, if you made a Gengar hold a Spooky Plate, it would boost its powers since both the plate and pokemon are of Ghost-type. The second use of the plate is to change the type of Arceus. So if you give Arceus a Draco plate it will turn into a Dragon-type. There is another important use of plates and that is to learn about the lore of Pokemon and how they came into being from the inscriptions.

What is Legend Plate?

This is an item for Arceus in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Like every Plate the Legend Plate too has an inscription, the engraving of the Legend Plate says: “From all creations, over all creations, does the Original One watch overall.”

That sums up this guide on what are Plates in Pokemon Legends Arceus and what to do with them. Also, check out our other guides on the best Pokeball in the game and what to do with extras. We also have a dedicated section of Pokemon Legends Arceus guides, where you can get help with other things in the game.