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Best Exclusive Pokemon Tier List For Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP)

Looking for the best exclusive pokemon in Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl? Check out this Pokemon BDSP Exclusive Pokemon Tier List.

Pokemon games have a tradition of launching games in a set of two. And these games then have many pokemon that are exclusive to them. That means you can’t catch those pokemon in the other game and can only get them via trading or by transferring them from older games. And since there are two game options and several exclusives in them it is bound to happen that some pokemon are stronger than the others. So let us take a look at the Best Exclusive Pokemon Tier List for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP).


Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Exclusives Tier List (2022)

pokemon bdsp tier listBefore we get into the list it is important to know that these are just my recommendations of the best Pokemon. There are many pokemon in this list that you might find placed in the wrong tier. You might feel this way because you had a better experience with that Pokemon in another game, or due to Nostalgia for the series. And there is nothing wrong with that as you can still have fun battling with them. So without further ado let us get into the list.

Below are all the Pokemon that are exclusive to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond ranked from Best to Worst.

National Dex Entry Pokemon Types Tier
483 Dialga Steel/Dragon S-Tier
243 Raikou Electric S-Tier
245 Suicune Water S-Tier
250 Ho-Oh Fire/Flying S-Tier
244 Entei Fire S-Tier
248 Tyranitar Rock/Ground S-Tier
059 Arcanine Fire A-Tier
472 Gliscor Ground/Flying A-Tier
466 Electivire Electric A-Tier
303 Mawile Steel/Fairy A-Tier
087 Dewgong Water/Ice A-Tier
275 Shiftry Grass/Dark A-Tier
409 Rampardos Rock A-Tier
338 Solrock Rock/Psychic A-Tier
247 Pupitar Rock/Ground A-Tier
335 Zangoose Normal A-Tier
430 Honchkrow Dark/Flying A-Tier
125 Electabuzz Electric A-Tier
058 Growlithe Fire B-Tier
086 Seel Water B-Tier
024 Arbok Poison B-Tier
408 Cranidos Rock B-Tier
207 Gligar Ground/flying B-Tier
352 Kecleon Normal B-Tier
274 Nuzleaf Grass/Dark B-Tier
435 Skuntank Poison/Dark B-Tier
246 Larvitar Rock/Ground B-Tier
212 Scizor Bug/Steel B-Tier
012 Butterfree Bug/Flying B-Tier
198 Murkrow Dark/Flying B-Tier
239 Elekid Electric C-Tier
123 Scyther Bug/Flying C-Tier
434 Stunky Poison/Dark C-Tier
273 Seedot Grass C-Tier
023 Ekans Poison C-Tier
011 Metapod Bug D-Tier
010 Caterpie Bug D-Tier

Pokemon Shining Pearl Exclusives Tier List (2022)

pokemon brilliant diamond bdsp best exclusive pokemon tier list


Here is the list of all the exclusives ranked from best to worst that you can find in Pokemon Shining Pearl.

National Dex Entry Pokemon Types Tier
484 Palkia Water/Dragon S-Tier
373 Salamence Dragon/Flying S-Tier
249 Lugia Psychic/Flying S-Tier
144 Articuno Ice/Flying S-Tier
145 Zapdos Electric/Flying S-Tier
146 Moltres Fire/Flying S-Tier
372 Shelgon Dragon A-Tier
467 Magmortar Fire A-Tier
028 Sandslash Ground A-Tier
337 Lunatone Rock/Psychic A-Tier
302 Sableye Dark/Ghost A-Tier
272 Ludicolo Water/Grass A-Tier
199 Slowking Water/Psychic A-Tier
411 Bastiodon Rock/Steel A-Tier
038 Ninetails Fire A-Tier
217 Ursaring Normal A-Tier
432 Purugly Normal A-Tier
371 Bagon Dragon A-Tier
336 Seviper Poison A-Tier
429 Mismagius Ghost A-Tier
200 Misdreavus Ghost A-Tier
410 Shieldon Rock/Steel B-Tier
271 Lombre Water/Grass B-Tier
080 Slowbro Water/Psychic B-Tier
037 Vulpix Fire B-Tier
027 Sandshrew Ground B-Tier
234 Stantler Normal B-Tier
015 Beedrill Bug/Poison B-Tier
216 Teddiursa Normal B-Tier
126 Magmar Fire B-Tier
431 Glameow Normal B-Tier
270 Lotad Water/Grass C-Tier
240 Magby Fire C-Tier
079 Slowpoke Water/Psychic C-Tier
127 Pinsir Bug C-Tier
014 Kakuna Bug/Poison D-Tier
013 Weedle Bug/Poison D-Tier

That covers this Tier List of the best Exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP). If you like playing this game then be sure to check out our other guides on how to check friendship level in Pokemon BDSP.