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Stray Splitscreen Mod: How To Play Local Multiplayer

Here is how you can play Splitscreen multiplayer in Stray.

You can have fun playing Stray alone, but have you thought about it having the option to play multiplayer? If you did and want to do the platforming with a friend, now is your chance. There is a mod for this game and as the mod’s description suggests it allows you to play the game together with friends. So in this guide let us see how to play Multiplayer in Stray using the Splitscreen mod.

How to Play Multiplayer in Stray

stray how to play multiplayer and use splitscreen mod

You can play Multiplayer in this game by pressing F9 in the main menu, after you install the Splitscreen mod. The creator of this mod has designed it such that you can use Keyboard + Mouse with a controller to play the game with your friends.

  1. Install the Splitscreen mod.
  2. Launch UnrealModLoader.exe and Stray. You should have the UnrealModLoader installed we will check the steps to install this mod in a bit.
  3. While on the main menu of the game press the F9 key on your keyboard to add another player.
  4. Once the second player is added, both the players can play the game together. You can also add more than 1 player.

As for the mod here is how you install it.

How to Install the Splitscreen Mod

  1. Download the Splitscreen and Splitscreen required config files. You can find them at the mod page.
  2. Extract the two files and you should get SplitScreenMod.pak and SplitScreenRequiredConfig_P.pak files.
  3. Install the SplitScreenRequiredConfig_P.pak file in this location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stray\Hk_project\Content\Paks\.
  4. Next, download and extract the latest version of UnrealModLoader. The version given with the mod at the time of writing this article is v2.2.0a so make sure it is that or any version above it.
  5. Now, go to the Paks folder and create a new folder called LogicMods. Make sure you don’t change the capitalization or spelling of this folder.
  6. Copy the SplitScreenMod.pak and paste it into this new folder.
  7. That is all you need to do to install this mod in Stray.

Splitscreen Mod Restrictions in Stray

While this is a very interesting and enjoyable mod it has some limitations that you should know about.

  • No HUD for other players: Sadly at the current state of the mod only player 1 can see the HUD. So the other players will have to play without it.
  • Glitches: This mod hasn’t been perfected yet so there can be areas where you face visual glitches.
  • Instability when adding many players: This mod will allow you to add more than 1 player, but there is no guarantee how well the game will be able to handle it.

But even though there might be flaws in this mod the creator of the mod KangieDanie has stated it is a work in progress. And the best part is they are working on bug fixes.

At the time of writing this article, this mod is a local co-op only. So you won’t be able to play with friends online just yet. But according to the creator there could be online functionality in the future. They are also fixing bugs and updating on the same. For example, you won’t face the issue of the keyboard and controller controlling the same screen with the recent bug fix. Some of the other known issues that the creator is working on include. The bug where you can’t use two controllers, why only the keyboard is enabled, and the parts of the gameplay that are glitchy.

That covers this guide on how to play multiplayer in Stray using the SplitScreen mod. If you are looking to try other similar mods for this game then be sure to check out our Best Mods list for Stray. And for more help with this game check out our guides on how to get the atomic battery, save the game, and get the productive day trophy.