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Stray: 7 Best Mods For PC That You Should Use

Here is the list of the best mods for you to try in Stray.

Stray is a fun game that is best enjoyed when you use mods. Sure you don’t have to try them in your first playthrough, although you could if you wanted to. But once you complete the game the first time, you might be wondering what to do next. That is where these mods come in. There are mods that change the model of your cat, and one that even turns the game first person. So without further ado let us get into this list of the 7 best mods to try out in Stray.

Stray Best Mods List

best stray mods to try

Below I have selected 7 mods that you can try using in this game. 6 of these change the cat’s model, while one changes how you play the game. These are all of them:

  • Cat Model Mods
    • Garfield – Cartoon Edition
    • Happy Puppy
    • Joke mod CJ
    • Minecraft Pig Over Stray Cat
    • Siamese cat Blue eyes
    • Black cat with white moustache
  • Gameplay Altering Mods
    • First Person Mod

Let us check them all.

Garfield – Cartoon Edition

garfield cartoon edition

When talking about cats you cannot miss one of the most iconic cats of them all, Garfield! And that is where this mod comes in. With this mod, you can turn the Stray cat into Garfield. There couldn’t be a better way to spend your Monday than installing this mod and playing Stray.

Happy Puppy – Best Stray Mod

happy puppy best mods for stray

Interested in playing Stray but not a cat person? Fear not, the modding community has you covered. With this mod, you play as a happy puppy. A puppy that happily climbs the walls and barks. That is right the creator of this mod made the Stray cat a Boston Terrier and even added the barking sounds to make the mod even better. You do have to use the Alt key to make it bark though. This is easily one of the best mods for this game.

Joke mod CJ

joke mod cj

If you ever played GTA San Andreas you should definitely give this mod a try. It turns the Stray Cat into CJ. The mod is supposed to be a joke, even its title says that. But the community loved it so much, now they also want the sounds of CJ to be replaced with meowing. While the creator hasn’t added the sounds yet, who knows they just might do it. Imagine a world where the Cat talks instead of meowing. Move Aside Team Rocket Meowth from Pokemon we have a new talking Cat in town.

Minecraft Pig Over Stray Cat

minecraft pig over stray cat

Love the blocky pink pigs in Minecraft? Well, you are in luck, there is a mod that lets you turn the Stray cat into pigs from Minecraft. The only thing missing from the mod is the pig sounds from Minecraft. But if you ignore that you have the perfect character to play as.

Siamese cat Blue eyes

siamese cat blue eyes

Players that own a Siamese cat or ever wanted to get one will love this mod. It is a clean mod that replaces the Stray Cat with a Siamese cat that has blue eyes. While it might not exactly be the fanciest mod on this list, it is the simplicity of this mod makes it worth an install. You should love your next Stray playthrough but this time as a Siamese cat.

Black cat with white moustache

black cat with white moustache

Another simple mod in this list is the Black Cat mod. The above mod replaces the cat model with a black cat that has white whiskers. There may have been a superstition about black cats in the past. But you can see the love for black cats in the stray modding community. If you search for the black cat at Nexusmods for Stray you will find there are many different ones. There are ones that change the eye color, whiskers, and more. And what is more is that you aren’t just restricted to a black cat. Many players from the community have added their own cats to the game, so you have a good select of cats to play as.

First Person Mod

first person mod best stray mods list

Playing as Cat but still feel like something is missing? The final mod on this list should be the fix you need. As the name suggests this mod adds the first-person camera. So all the exciting platforming you do will now be from the perspective of the cat. It is interesting how a simple change in perspective can add a new and different level of challenge to the game.

A slight warning though, if you have simulation sickness then you should check out its gameplay before trying it out. The camera is going to be low, so the movements can be a bit unusual. The mod isn’t bad, if anything it makes the gameplay super interesting. Just the thing is, this game originally is in third-person mode so if you are new to first-person games it might be something that you want to take into account.

In case you still want more mods to play with then you can find them at Nexusmods for Stray.

How to Install Stray mods

Since all of the above mods except the first person mod are changing the cat’s character model. The method to install them is mostly the same.

  1. Download and extract the mod file.
  2. Copy the extracted file and place it in the Paks folder. For most users this should be the path for the Paks folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stray\Hk_project\Content\Paks.
  3. And in order to remove or uninstall them simply delete the mod file from the Paks folder.

Do remember the above installation method just changes the character model. You should check the installation instructions given with the actual mod. This is especially needed if the mod you use also has sounds or assets that make other changes to the game.

That covers this list of the best mods to use in Stray. If you like playing this game be sure to check our other guides on how to get in the control room, how to get the I am speed trophy, and how to get into the nightclub.