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Stray: How To Get Into The Nightclub (Midtown)

Here's how to get into the Nightclub in Chapter 10 Midtown and what to do if there's no Robot on the roof & no one at the window.

If you’re trying to enter the nightclub but aren’t sure how to do it as an adorable Stray cat, look no further. Here are the exact steps to follow to get inside easily. In case you haven’t tried already, talking to the Bouncer isn’t useful because he will not let you in. You have to figure out another way to enter and that’s through a window at the back.

How to Get into the Nightclub in Stray (Midtown)

  • Once you see the nightclub sign (under which there will be a dancing robot Miko), interact with all the Robot NPCs outside to get some information.
  • Next, go to the back of the nightclub by using the narrow alleyway just slightly ahead of the front entrance where you met the Bouncer.

how to get inside nightclub stray

  • If you spot the Robot sitting on a roof moving his legs, you know you’re at the right place.
  • Now you need to make your way towards Latekila, who is the Robot sitting on the roof.
  • Use the big pipes in front of him to reach the window.
  • Interact with Alex, the Robot at the window and make your way inside the nightclub.
  • To get to the upper floor, talk to Fripp who will be talking to another Robot. He can give you a Lever but needs a drink in exchange.
  • Go to the bar and pick up a drink and give it to him. Now you will get the Lever handle. You can use it to access the upper floor.

Can’t See Robot on the Roof Shaking Legs?

  • If you cannot see the robot on the roof in Stray, talk to all the Robots at the entrance of the nightclub and then enter the alleyway. It seems that this is a requirement to get access to the nightclub.

No one in the Window or Closed Window?

If you see no one at the window to let you enter the nightclub, make sure that you have found the solutions of all four of Clementine’s clues beforehand. For many players, this is why they are stuck. Head to her address, look at her clue board and you should be able to progress through this section easily.

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