Stray – How To Find Clementine’s Address

Check out our guide on how to find Clementine's address in Stray.

Stray is an adventure game that allows you to embark on a journey amidst the neon-tilted Cybercity as you play a feline orange tabby cat. As you progress, you meet several Robots known as Outsiders that help you get back to your family. Clementine is the last Outsider that you need to track down using some clues. But getting to his location can be a bit tricky. So, here’s our guide on how to find Clementine’s address in Stray.

Where is Clementine’s Address in Stray (Location)

You can find Clementine in the Midtown region by using the photograph given to you by Zbaltazar. The blue symbol and the dots behind the photograph represent Clementine’s address. So, keep an eye for that symbol as you reach Midtown. Follow these steps:

  • Upon reaching Midtown, you will find the blue symbol exactly like the symbol next to a red neon arrow sign.

stray find clementines address

  • Enter the Midtown residences and climb the stairs that you see. You need to climb the stairs and head to the third floor.
  • To decipher the photograph, the three green spots represent the third floor. And the five red spots represent Apartment 5.
  • As you reach the third floor, you will find a small gap beside a door sealed with danger tape.
  • You will also find a symbol denoting five red spots and three green spots next to the small gap.
  • As you enter through the gap, you will meet Clementine. This robot will have several quests for you to complete.

stray find clementines address

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