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Stray – All Notebook Locations

Check out our guide to find out all the locations of Notebook in Stray.

Stray is finally out and offers players the best cat adventure of all time. Amidst the decaying and neon-lit cybercity are different items that can help the Cat find Outside. One of these items includes four Notebooks that you need to find out to progress chapter 4. But where to find them? Not to worry, here’s our guide on all the locations of Notebook in Stray.

All Notebook Locations in Stray

There are four Notebooks that are scattered around the Slums Area. When you head to Momo’s apartment to know more about the Outsiders, he will give you the first Notebook. As you interact with him, you need to show him a Postcard to get the Nootbok. While getting the first postcard is rather unmissable and easy to find, getting other Notebooks might be a bit tricky.

Here are all the locations to find the notebooks:

Zbaltazar’s Notebook

You can find the next book to the east of Momo’s apartment. But for that, you need to disable the Fan and get in through the ventilation shaft. Follow these steps:

  • Take a right from Momo’s balcony and get down the roof.
  • Then, take a left to see a Bot standing beside the Roof.
  • Jump across and climb to see an Orange lamp.
  • You need to climb above the lamp to get to its rooftop.
  • As you reach the rooftop, interact with the powering box to unplug it. This will disable the fan of the ventilation shaft.
  • Now, as the fan blades are disabled, enter their apartment through the ventilation shaft.
  • You need to knock some boxes over there to find Zbaltazar’s notebook.

Doc’s Notebook

This Notebook is kept in a safe inside Doc’s library. So, you need to get the safe keys from the library to get Doc’s Notebook. You can find this Library to the east or left of Momo’s apartment. Follow these steps:

  • As you get out of Zbaltazar’s apartment, jump across the rooftops.
  • Keep on going further until you see a couch and a TV set above the rooftop.
  • From that rooftop, climb and enter the Doc’s library from a small space.
  • Upon entering, head straight and then take a right.
  • As you pass through a pile of books, you will find the safe keys to the right.
  • Get out from the pile and take a left where you will find more books.
  • You need to knock down that pile to find a safe.
  • Then, interact with the safe to get Doc’s Notebook.

Clementine’s Notebook

You can find Clementine’s notebook in a building opposite Momo’s apartment. Follow these steps:

  • From Doc’s library, jump across the rooftops and get to a roof where you can see an orange lamp by a window.
  • Walk through the pipe connecting it to the window and enter Clementine’s apartment.
  • Go straight and enter her room from a small broken door to find a side room at its left.
stray notebook locations
Image Source – Gamer Guru on YouTube.
  • As you enter the side room, you will find the Notebook placed on a Monitor beside a Computer.

Major Thanks to Gamer Guru that made it easier to find these locations. Check out the video below for a visual guide.

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