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Stray – All Music Sheet Locations (Where To Find Them)

Here's where to find all 8 music sheet locations in Stray and unlock a trophy and a badge.

During your journey as an adorable cat, you will encounter a Robot musician who asks you to collect music sheets/collectibles. This will unlock the Meowlody trophy and Music badge and if you are stuck and wish to find the locations of all 8 music sheets in Stray, here they are.

Where to Find Music Sheets in Stray (All Locations)

stray where to find music sheet locations

Here are the locations of all 8 music sheets in Stray.

Music Sheet 1 Location – Momo’s Apartment

  • From the area near the bar, climb up on the air conditioners and jump to the balcony.
  • Enter the room from the window.
  • Once inside, go through the grills of a small window in the room, which is near a trash bag.
  • Jump onto the cardboard boxes and at the top, there will be a shelf with the Sheet Music.

Music Sheet 2 Location – Near Clementine’s Apartment Balcony

  • Head out of Momo’s apartment and jump onto the bucket to zipline across.
  • Keep walking ahead, until you reach another balcony with a table and 2 plastic white chairs kept there. Collect the Sheet music from the tabletop.

Music Sheet 3 Location – Eliot’s Door (Painting in the Room)

  • Jump downwards and reach the location where there are two Robots covered in blankets. There will be a door near them.
  • Use the prompt to scratch on that door.
  • Head inside and take the sheet music from the wall with the giant painting.

Music Sheet 4 Location – Trade at the Shop

  • Go to a vending machine nearby and get 1 Energy Drink Can.
  • Now visit the shop, inspect the Sheet music, and talk to the shopkeeper Robot.
  • Trade your Energy Drink Can for the Sheet.

Music Sheet 5 Location – Upper floor of the bar, on a table

  • Go to the bar – when you find a wall with big sized red and black graffiti, that’s the one.
  • Head inside, go up the stairs and find the Sheet music on a table.

Music Sheet 6 Location – In Clementine’s room, next to her bed

Make your way upwards and enter the window with a red lantern outside it.
Enter the bedroom and take the Sheet music from the top of the books.

Music Sheet 7 Location – In the library, on the piano

Go upwards and enter the room which has a glowing blue block kept at the balcony.
Enter the library and take a right.
Find the piano and the music sheet on top of it.

Music Sheet 8 Location – Safe in an Alley (Safe code: 1283)

  • Lastly, head downwards.
  • You will find the music sheet near Morusque in a dark alley with a safe in it.

Meowlody Trophy & Music Badge

Once you have all music sheets, talk to Morusque and give them. He will give you the music badge and players will also unlock the Meowlody trophy.

Big thanks to Gamer Guru for the video that makes it easier to find the locations, check it out below for a visual guide.

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