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Stray – How To Find All Energy Drinks (Vending Machine Locations)

Check out our guide on how to find all Energy drinks inside the Vending machines in Stray.

Set in the future around the decaying cybercity and neon-tilted cityscapes, Stray is finally out. As you play a Stray cat around the belly of a dystopian open world full of robots, energy drinks are one of the items you need to find. You can trade these drinks to get different items with the trader bot, Azooz. You can find these drinks inside the Vending machines scattered around the open world. But getting to them can be a bit tricky. So, here’s our guide on how to find all Energy drinks and the vending machines in Stray.

How to Find All Energy Drinks in Stray (Vending Machine Locations)


As mentioned, you can find the Energy drinks inside the vending machines. While there are several vending machines around the cyber world, only four of them are highlighted on the map. Here’s how you get to them:

  • You can get to the first vending machine in front of the street musician, Morusque. As you interact with the machine, you can store the one Energy drink Speed.

stray find all energy drinks


  • For the second vending machine, head to Momo’s apartment. When standing on the apartment’s rooftop, look in the right direction for a red vending machine. Similar to the previous vending machine, interact with it to get a Speed Energy drink.
  • Now, for another Vending machine, head back to the Guardian bot. On your way back, you will see a vending machine in the Alley. If you take the stairs to the right, you will unlock a memory of B1-12.

Lastly, getting to this vending machine can be a bit more difficult than the rest. But nothing beats the exceptional Cat senses.

  • Head to the Designer Grandmother bot and climb the Air Conditioner units outside. Jump across the wooden board connected to the closed balcony. Lean down to find a vending machine to your opposite.


That’s everything covered on how to find all Energy drinks and Vending machines in Stray. If you liked this guide, check out our guide on all the Music Sheet locations in Stray right here on Gamer Tweak.