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Stray I Am Speed Trophy Guide: How To Speedrun In 2 Hours

Here's how to beat Stray in under 2 hours for the I am Speed trophy (speedrun guide).

Trophies in Stray are actually easy to get if you know where to look for them. Most of the trophies are automatically achieved once you play normally, and you need to only focus on the ones with collectible and specific items like one including a trash bag and the other with a basketball. But one of the trophies called “I am Speed” requires you to beat the game in 2 hours or less. Many players are having trouble with this. But today I will tell you the easiest way to do this, plus some tips & tricks to help you. So let’s look at our Stray Speedrun Guide on how to beat Stray in under 2 hours for the I am Speed trophy.

How to Beat Stray in Under 2 Hours for the I Am Speed Trophy (Speedrun Guide)

How to Beat Stray in Under 2 Hours for the I Am Speed Trophy (Speedrun Guide)

The easiest way to beat Stray completely in under 2 hours for the I am Speed trophy is by playing the game simultaneously on two of your save slots. Okay I know it sounds confusing, but let me explain. See Stray does not require you to finish the entire game in one go. You will notice that, when you pause your game, the timer also stops. Plus the game supports an autosave feature, which activates during periodic checkpoints like a cutscene, starting a new chapter, or when you complete an objective or task in an area. Using this save slot timer & autosave feature is your best way to unlock this speedrun trophy in Stray. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Start the game on 1st save slot
  2. Don’t worry about the timer on this slot
  3. Play till you reach a cut scene, or till the end of a chapter
  4. Bring up the pause menu, make sure your game is saved
  5. You can see when your last game was saved under the “reload the last checkpoint” button in the pause menu
  6. Now go back, and start a new game in Save Slot 2
  7. This save slot is going to be your speedrun slot
  8. You have to only focus on the timer on this slot
  9. Skip all cutscenes during the Speedrun
  10. On PS4 & PS5, press the Square & Circle buttons to skip cutscenes
  11. On PC you can press the relevant button, here is a trick (if you played the game once already):
    • Got to C:\Users\(Your Username)\AppData\Local\Hk_project\Content\Movies
    • Now take back up this folder, and delete all the files inside this path
    • Then start the game
    • Now your speedrun save slot will play without all the cutscenes, saving your precious time
    • You can also verify Steam files after the speedrun to reinstall them, so nothing to worry about
  12. As you are playing on 2 save slots simultaneously, you need to use 1st save slot to figure out levels
  13. Also, you can take time to find ways to avoid enemies (especially dying) as much as possible
  14. This is because if your health depletes, the game will take you back to your checkpoint
  15. This will not reset the timer, it will keep running even during loading, and this timewill be added to your total completion time.
  16. So do not experiment with your game in the Speedrun save slot.
  17. Also, you don’t take worry or get angry even if you die once or twice in your Speedrun slot. Here’s why:
    • Many have managed to complete between 1:15 hrs to 1:45 hours as per my quick YouTube & Reddit search
    • So that’s like almost 30-45 mins extra you have in your hand
  18. Focus on being alive, avoiding enemies, and finding shortcuts
  19. Finally, if you have already finished the game once, and just want to get the trophy (and avoid the simultaneous save slot method), here’s what to do:
    1. Play any Stray Speedrun video from YouTube
    2. They will show you the easiest way to finish the game
    3. Just pause the video once the autosave kicks in their game
    4. Now you can follow the way path play like them
    5. The pause your game when it’s autosaved
    6. Resume the YT video, and continue this process
    7. You can also just let the YT video run on your mobile (or other devices), and you can play it on your PS/PC by looking at the video

Why is the 2 Save Slot Safer for Trophy?

First of all, my initial speedrun took me just under the time at 1:58 hrs, but I did a lot of mistakes in mine. My first mistake was not running the game simultaneously on 2 save slots. Just to be clear, I finish the entire game once in about 8 hours of exploring everything its world has to offer. Then trying to speedrun the game after a couple of days was like scrambling that 8 hours of combined playthrough memories to find the best shortcuts to finish this run.

Also, the 2 slot method takes away almost half of the guesswork and removes every bit of FOMO. That constant tension of “Will I make it? Will I make it?” was not hopefully the way for many players who don’t want to risk another speedrun if this fails. Do not repeat my mistake. Trust me this method is way better. At the end of the day, you should pick the method you like. Do you prefer the thrill of the final reward, or just taking it smooth? But no matter what, just remember you can still beat Stray in under 2 hours easily.

That’s all for our Stray Speedrun Guide on how to beat Stray in under 2 hours for the I am Speed trophy. While you are here, make sure to check out our other articles on Stray, like how to sleep one hour for the Productive Day trophy.