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Stray: How To Save Game On PS4, PS5 & PC?

Here's how to save the game in Stray, and access both save files & config files.

Developed by BlueTwelve Studio, Stray is undoubtedly one of my favorite games published by Annapurna Interactive now. But like most of Annapurna’s games, Stray doesn’t tell you how to save your game before exiting the game. So today let’s look at why the devs decided this route and additionally, we will show you the Stray save file location on PC too. So let’s right into it.

How to Save Game in Stray (PS & PC)?

How to Save in Stray Game

Stray features an autosave feature, which will save your game progress during periodic checkpoints like a cutscene, starting a new chapter, or when you complete an objective or task in an area. So you can quickly exit the game and jump right back into the last checkpoint you unlocked.

As the game is designed in a way that you can beat it under just 2 hours, devs believe using the auto save is more modern and fits into the theme they are trying to show the players. Also, when you pause the game, the pause menu will show the “reload the last checkpoint” button. Under this, you can see when your last game was saved. So if you see that your game has not been ‘saved’ for several minutes and you are not planning to redo the session again, all you are to do is complete one of the active tasks or objectives before exiting the game.

You can also leave the PS turn on, by turning on the “energy saving mode” to desired hours. Once you come back continue your game. If this is something you want to do then go to Settings menu>Power Saving settings>change Rest Mode setting to ‘Don’t put in Rest Mode.’

Where to Find Config & Save Files on Steam PC?

If you are playing Stray on PC then you can access both save files & config files easily. Thanks to AarohanTechSol (for making a video on this), here’s the save file & config path:

  • Stray Game Save Files
    • C:\Users\(Your Username)\AppData\Local\Hk_project\Saved\SaveGames
  • Stray Game Config Files
    • C:\Users\(Your Username)\AppData\Local\Hk_project\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Check out the original video from here:

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