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Stray: How To Get Atomic Battery

Check out our guide on how to get the Atomic Battery in Stray.

Stray is an adventure Cat game that offers 12 chapters with a robot named B-12. As the pair go along to find their way to the Outside, they encounter several Robot companions. With chapter 11 reaching its end, you come closer to reaching Outside. But to reach there, you need to power up a Subway train. To start the subway train, you need a big source of energy and an Atomic Battery. Not to worry, here’s our guide on how to get the Atomic battery in Stray.

How to Get Atomic Battery in Stray

You can get the Atomic battery in Chapter 10 as Clementine tasks you with the job to steal it. As you and B-12 head over to the Neco Factory to steal the battery, you will face several Sentinels drones. So, you need to be in perfect stealth. You will come across a room guarded with laser beams. This is a puzzle that involves a bit of smart work rather than much action.

Follow these steps to get the Atomic Battery:

  • You will see a barrel across the Laser beams. To bypass the beams, get inside the barrel and roll past the laser beams to get inside with no damage.
  • As you get inside the room, you will see the Atomic Battery sealed in a large glass tube.
  • But to solve the Atomic Battery puzzle, you need to place items on three glowing floor tiles.
  • You will find a Robotic box that has follow protocol as soon as it is activated. So, interact with the box to make it follow you.
  • Walk towards the metal gate for it to follow you. Now, use the box to climb and jump across the gate.
get atomic battery in stray
Image Source – AK STYLE GAMER on YouTube.
  • You will find another Robotic box over there.
  • Activate the box and pull the lever near by to open the gate.
  • With both Robotic boxes, place them on two-floor tiles and deactivate them. So, that they don’t follow you around.
  • For the last floor tile, get inside the barrel you came through and place it on that.
stray get atomic battery
Image Source – AK STYLE GAMER on YouTube.
  • As you place the items on all three floor tiles, the glass tube will be unsealed. This allows you to take the battery.
  • But make a note that as soon as you take the battery, it will trigger an Alarm.
  • You need to head to the Open shutter and get into the Yellow Bucket to escape.

Once you have the Atomic battery, you can use it to power up the Subway. If you are having trouble finding the Control Panel, check out our guide on how to use a Subway key to start the Train.

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