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Stray: Where To Find & Gather All B-12 Memories (Locations)

Check out our guide to find out the locations of all B-12 Memories in Stray.

Stray is a cat-adventure video game that follows an orange tabby cat finding its way to its cat family. As you progress, you will come across a robot named B-12. With its data all corrupt, you both uncover B-12’s memories to find out more about the plague. You can do so, by visiting and exploring different locations. Once you have unlocked all of the memories, you earn a PS trophy. So, here’s our guide on where to find and gather all B-12 Memories locations in Stray.


All B-12 Memories Locations in Stray

While five core memories are unlocked upon progressing into the game, there are several to be unlocked. The Core memories are unmissable and will be unlocked as you progress into the game. In all, there are 27 Memories of B-12 Robot that can be unlocked. So, let’s start with the Core memories:

Core Memories


#1. B-12 will encounter their first memory when you both head out of the Flat. You will unlock the memory upon seeing the Mural painting.

#2. You can unlock the second core memory while standing on top of the Tower at the Rooftops.

#3. You will unlock another memory as soon as you reach the Antvillage area.


#4. As you reach the Subway station in Midtown, you will unlock the fourth core memory.

#5. Once you enter the Control room, you will unlock your fifth Core memory.

For the next location, head over to the Rooftops region. Here are all the locations of B-12 Memories at Rooftops:


Slums (Chapter 4)

You can find seven memories in the Slums location. The following are all the locations where you can find and unlock the memories:

#1: Robot Food
#2: RIP Humans <3
#3: Game Poster
#4: Happy Companion Art
#5. Neco Plant
#6: Dead Robot
#7: Companion Portrait

If you want to know the exact locations for these memories, check out our guide on all Slums memories locations.

Rooftops (Chapter 5)

#1. Upon reaching rooftops, you need to cross a platform and head upwards. You need to cross the platform and head upwards by using the ladders. After some adorable parkour skills, you will see a red-colored Neon sign.

#2. Once you are in a Neco tower, head straight into the tower. You need to go further to the dead end surrounded by Zurk’s goop. As you head closer, interact with the Neco Corporation to unlock another memory.

Dead End (Chapter 7)

#1. When you leave Seamus, head closer to the shutter door to your left. You will uncover another memory related to the “Wall” dividing the Slums and Midtown.

#2. You will unlock another memory as you and B-12 find the Doc. While you survive the big jump and head upwards to find him, you will see a small gap in front of you. This small gap can be missed as it is covered with a few bushes. But as you head right from that small gap, you will find a dead (inactive) Robot.

#3. As you reach Doc’s apartment, he will ask you to help him with a generator. Before you do so, you can find another memory from the Manequinn in the apartment. This mannequin has a bucket with a drawn smiley on his head. Upon interacting, you can unlock another memory.

The Sewers (Chapter 8)

#1. You can proceed through the alley surrounded of Zurks to find another memory. With your new zapping weapon, you can destroy them in seconds. You need to head left from the alley and zap more Zurks. When you find a tunnel, head inside the tunnel to discover another memory waiting to be uncovered at the exit.

#2. As the entire Sewer system is surrounded by the Zurks, you cannot zap all of them. Upon exploring the Sewers, you will encounter a room surrounded by the eyes. You need to head right and drop down to the underground pipe. It might seem like a dead end but proceed further. Walk further into a big pipe and jump to your left on a small pipe. When you see a tunnel, jump down on the barrels to get inside it. You will find a room surrounded by an inhabiting Zurks nest. Head closer to unlock the Memory.

Antvillage (Chapter 9)

As the pair enters this village, you can find yourself in a city filled with Robots inhabiting a life of humans. You can also play Mahjong with the Robots (in a way).

#1. Pass through the bridge connecting the village and cross the ladders to your left. Head past the Robot painting a pillar and Robots playing Mahjong. You will find a Robot chilling by the couch as you head further. Get closer to the couch to unlock another memory.

Midtown (Chapter 10)

#1. As you unlock the memory at the Subway in Midtown, climb the stairs to find a small gap. Upon passing through that gap, you will find a small tented shelter of the Robot. This robot will be sitting on the ground covered by a blanket. You can head closer and interact with their library to unlock a memory.

#2. You can find this memory by heading right into the alley before Nightclub. You need to head left and climb some platforms to find a small lounging area. In this area, you will also see three bottles and a Tin Can placed.

stray all memories b-12 locations
Image Source – Lunar Gaming on YouTube.

#3. Head to the middle of Midtown where you will find a giant hologram. From there, you need to take a left and head inside the Barber shop. Closer to the ladders, jump onto a small area (that can have enough space only for cats) above. You will find another memory next to a basketball.

#4. Head to the Giant Hologram in the middle of Midtown. You need to go inside the Cafe and jump onto the Food counter. Now, jump again knocking some empty flower pots. Jump again to head inside the cracked ceiling above. You will uncover another memory of B-12 over there

#5. You need to head back to the Giant Hologram. From there, you will see a couple of cycles parked outside the police station. As you head inside the station and interact with the painting of a Sentinel. If the police station is locked, you need to exit the Factory with an Atomic Battery.

#6. Head to the Nightclub in Midtown to find the memory. You need to talk to the Bouncer if he allows you into the Nightclub. If not Simon will suggest you climb at the back again. As you talk to Alex and head inside the Club, go to the Bar counter. You will see a small square-shaped space beside the sink with dirty dishes. It is an elevator that will take you down. Head inside the room and go closer to the table with some drinks to unlock a memory.

Jail (Chapter 11)

#1. As you and B-12 rescue Clementine, you will encounter a metal gate. Head right to find a dead (inactive) Robot and unlock another memory.

stray b-12 memories locations
Image Source – Lunar Gaming on YouTube.

Once you have unlocked all the memories, you will earn the Remember Trophy.

That’s everything covered about where to find and gather all B-12 Memories locations in Stray. If you liked this guide, check out our more guides on how to save the game, how to make a cat sleep for one hour, and more Stray guides right here on Gamer Tweak.