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Stray: How To Play Mahjong With Robots (Cat-A-Strophe Trophy)

Hunting for all the PS trophies? Check out our guide on how to play Mahjong with robots for Cat-a-Strophe trophy in Stray.

Stray lets players embark on a cat adventure following a cute feline cat. As you delve deeper into the neon-tilted Cybercity, you will find several Robots accompanying you. While some help you get past Outside, some are busy carrying on different activities. One of these activities includes playing Mahjong with their Robot buddies. But can we play along with them? In a way, yes! And you also get a PS trophy for that. So, here’s our guide on how to play Mahjong with Robots in Stray to get the Cat-a-strophe Trophy.

How to Play Mahjong with Robots in Stray (Cat-a-Strophe Trophy)


You need to progress till Chapter 9 to play Mahjong with Robots. As you progress, you will come across several inhabiting Robots in Antvillage. Upon reaching there, you need to pass through and cross the bridge connecting the village. Then, take a left and climb the ladders upwards. You will find a Robot painting a pillar and two robots playing Mahjong with each other. Before you meet and interact with these robots, jump onto the table to interrupt their game. As soon as you knock the pieces, you will earn a Cat-a-Strophe trophy for ruining their game.

Now, this might not be what you were expecting, but it is absolutely a treat for cat lovers. In my opinion, this might be the most realistic way for a cat to play Mahjong.

stray how to play mahjong with robots cat a strophe trophy
Image Source – PS5Trophies on YouTube.


So, all you need to do is reach the Antvillage region as you progress by Chapter 9. Pass through the bridge and climb the ladders to the left to find the Robots playing Mahjong. As you knock the pieces off the table, the two robots will express strong disappointment. You can stay for a while to enjoy their discontent.

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