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Stray Ending Explained: Does The Cat Die? (Answered)

Does the cute feline cat die? Check out our guide to know everything about the ending of Stray.

Stray is a series of adventure-packed gameplay as the protagonist tabby cat finds a way back to their family. It features up to 12 chapters with a gameplay of over 6-7 hours. Upon exploring the neon-tilted Cybercity filled with Robots, the feline Cat finds several Robot companions and friends. But the end of this Cat adventure game can make your heart sore a bit. So, here’s our guide to find out everything about the ending of Stray and does the cat die.

Disclaimer: SPOILER ALERT! This guide is filled with spoilers about the ending. So, proceed only if you don’t mind the spoilers.


Does the Cat Die in Stray (Ending Explained)

The answer to this question is No! Despite several rumors, the Cat protagonist does not die. Cats generally do have nine lives and you can also get a PS trophy for dying nine times. As you progress through the game, there can be several instances of getting killed. Be it Zurks or the flying drone robots. But these deaths are all non-canon. So, let’s start with what happens at the end of Stray.

When you reach the Control Room, all the memories of B12 return. The robot remembers everything about the plague and how it destroyed lives. He states that he couldn’t save his family but would like to help the cat reach Outside. While you both succeed to hack the gated security, B-12 disables the Control system to end the Lockdown cycle. But overriding it can destroy the drone robot. As the drone makes the sacrifice and falls to the ground, the cat mourns by cuddling it.


stray ending explained

As the city opens up for the first time, all the Zurks and Sentinels are destroyed. The sky lights up the entire city as the Companions from all over gaze with hope.

Now, as the cat reaches Outside, they take a while to appreciate the bright light from the skies. The cat also pauses for a bit to look at the camera and blinks. And goes further. What I particularly found sad is that the cat lost its cat family and then again, loses B-12. Also, we don’t see much of the Outside world. But the silver line is that the Cat might find their family.


As the camera pans out, you can see a flicker of light on the monitors. This might be the conspiracy theorist in me but that flicker could be related to B12. Alternatively, it could also be the developers hinting at its sequel. We might have to wait for quite a long time until the devs at Annapurna Interactive announce it.

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