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Stray – How To Use Subway Key To Start Train (Chapter 11 Jail)

Check out our guide on how to use a Subway key to start the train for chapter 11 Jail in Stray.

Stray offers 12 chapters of power-packed feline adventure as you discover Cybercity. It’s all about reaching the Outside with the help of several Outsiders (Robots) you meet. As Chapter 11 Jail meets its conclusion, you will reach closer to getting Outside. For that, you need to start a Subway train to reach there. While you might have got the necessary items, it wouldn’t start right away. So, here’s our guide on how to use a Subway key to start the train in Stray.

How to Use a Subway Key to Start the Train in Stray (Chapter 11 Jail)

To start the Subway key, you need Atomic Battery and Subway key. Although you get these by progressing through chapters, some players are confused about when to use them. So, follow these steps below to start the train:

  • Once you get the key from Clementine, get down the stairs to see the Subway.
  • Pass through the door of the Subway and head right where you will see stairs leading you down.
  • As you hop down, follow the trail of the power cable to find the Control Panel. This control panel powers up the entire Subway.
stray how to use subway key to start train
Image Source – AK STYLE GAMER on YouTube.
  • So, interact and use the Atomic battery to charge up the Subway train.
  • Now, as the Subway is all charged up, climb the stairs and head back to Subway.
  • Head to the front and use the Subway key to start the train.

This will lead you to the last chapter of the game. You can check out our guide on how many chapters and how long to beat Stray for more insight.

Where to Get Atomic Battery

For the players unable to find the Battery that powers the Subway in Stray, here’s how to get it:

  • You will find it in Chapter 10 wherein Clementine will task you to steal an Atomic Battery.
  • As you infiltrate the Neco Factory, you will come across the room protected by multiple laser beams.
  • To Bypass these beams, you need to get inside the barrel and roll past the beam.
  • You will find the battery over there but it is sealed in a glass tube. This tube needs to be activated using three tiles on the floor.
  • More clearly, you need to place the objects on the floor tiles to unseal the Glass tube.
  • You will find a Robotic box that activates as you interact with it. This box has a follow protocol, which means it will follow you as you activate it.
  • Make the box follow you towards the Metal cage and use it to climb across the metal gate.
  • As you find another robotic box, interact with it to activate the box.
stray use subway key start train
Image Source – AK STYLE GAMER on YouTube.
  • You will also find a lever to its opposite. Pull it down to open the metallic gate.
  • Now, place the boxes on the two different floor tiles and turn them off. So, that they don’t follow you.
  • For the last floor tile, place the rolling barrel to unseal the glass tube.
  • As soon as you take the battery, it will trigger an Alarm.
  • Head towards the open shutter outside and get into the yellow bucket to escape.

That’s everything covered about how to use a Subway key to start the train in Stray. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on all music sheet locations, all notebook locations, and all slums memory locations in Stray right here on Gamer Tweak.