How Does PvP Work In Warcraft Rumble

Take part in the Warcraft Rumble PvP to get Gold, Tomes, Cores, and Arc Energy faster.

The action strategy game Warcraft Rumble is already fun to play in PvE, and PvP adds epicness to the experience. As you level up your cards and defeat bosses, you come to a point where progress isn’t as good as before. Thankfully, the game mode of battling with others will allow you the relief you need. It comes with some rules and restrictions, as well as prerequisites that make it reasonable for everyone.

Every time you increase your rank, you get milestone rewards of different kinds, including Tomes, Arc Energy, Gold, Cores, and a Leader. Equip your Minis, and head on to unlock and play this mode of the Warcraft Universe.

How to Unlock and Play PvP in Warcraft Rumble

Unlock and Play PvP in Warcraft Rumble
Image Credit: TicTacRumble on YouTube

To unlock the PvP, you have to earn eight Sigils. You get Sigils by battling in the Campaign Maps PvE. The higher the Sigils you earn, the more features you will unlock, including 10 Sigils Guilds. Before heading to the PvP battles, it is best to use the Guilds feature, as there will be more rewards with this. Once you have unlocked the mode, head to the Map tab, and you will find it there.

Rules and System of PvP in Warcraft Rumble

To make it more fun and fair, a level cap was introduced. Your Mini levels will be capped until you reach the 3000 Honor in the mode. Before the stage, the player’s level cap is 1 for those below 1000 Honor, the level cap is 3 for those below 2000 Honor, and the level cap is 5 for less than 3000 Honor.

Another thing that you need to know here is that only Honor points collected by your top 3 Leaders will contribute to the ranking. Due to the cap, you cannot afford to use fewer Leaders, but if you are still confident, you can try going with just three. Map, Modifier, and Tower change every few weeks and with new seasons, so you should focus on developing and using different Leaders.

That’s all you have to know and do to play PvP in Warcraft Rumble. If this was interesting to you, do check out our dedicated section and read about the best talent for Tirion and build for Grommash Hellscream.