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How To Place Worktable In Palia (Bug Fix)

Having trouble placing the Worktable in Palia? Then here's how you can fix it.

You’re not alone, many players are unable to place the Worktable in Palia. Whenever they are trying to do so, the game simply says that This is not a valid placement location. This makes the player wonder, what they’re doing wrong or if there’s some bug within the game. The issue can really get quite frustrating, as crafting is one of the important parts of the game and without it progressing is tricky. So let’s not wait any further and check out how you can place the Workbench in Palia easily.

How Can I Place Worktable in Palia

How Can I Place Worktable in Palia workbench crafting table how to fix placement issue
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If you’ve already received a Worktable / Workbench but are unable to place it in Palia, then try changing back to DirectX 11. As the issue is occurring mostly to the PC players, changing back to DX11 from DX12 has really worked out for them. But before you try out this fix, make sure you’re placing the Worktable within the fences. That’s because placing it out of the plot will simply display the same error message again. Along with that, you also need to ensure that the grid where you’re trying to put down the crafting station is cleared. If the issue persists, then below are some other workarounds you can try out to fix the Worktable bug.

  • Try logging out & logging in again
  • End tasks running in the background
  • Uninstall & reinstall the game

If the problem has been resolved for you, then simply press the Workbench’s Hotkey and left-click on your mouse. Doing so will allow you to enter the placement mode, where you can rotate the station using Q and E keys. And once you find the perfect spot, simply right-click on your mouse to finalize the placement.

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That sums up everything about how you can fix the Worktable / Workbench issue and place it easily in Palia. During crafting you will be needing to take care of your equipment, so check out how to repair & upgrade Tools in the game. Also, take a look at the steps to get more Storage in Palia.