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Pixelmon: How To Craft And Get Poke balls

Find out how to get Poke balls in Pixelmon.

If you want to catch Pokemon and live out your fantasies like Ash you will have to learn how to craft and make Poke Balls in Minecraft Pixelmon. Yes, the blocky version of the game also includes those famed red and white orbs. In fact, the game does you one better and even allows you to craft different colored Poke Balls. So, scroll down and find out how to craft and get Poke Balls.


How to craft Poke Balls in Pixelmon Minecraft?

How To Make Pokeballs In Pixelmon Minecraft

To craft Poke Balls you will first need to craft two other things:


How to craft a Hammer?

  • To craft a hammer first decide which resource to make the hammer out of. For eg. stone, gold, etc.
  • Next, make sure you have two sticks too.
  • You will need 5 units of the resource that you want to make the head out of.
  • Now, open the 3×3 crafting menu.
  • After this place the sticks in the following order, bottom middle block, and middle row center block.
  • For the resource material, place them in the following spots: Remaining two spots in the middle row and complete the top row.


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How to craft an Anvil to make and craft Poke Balls in Pixelmon?

  • Get 8x Iron Ingots. To get the Iron Ingots you will first have to mine iron.
  • Later you can place Iron Ore in a blast furnace which will melt it down to Ingots.
  • Now bring up a crafting table from the inventory.
  • Interact with it and you will be able to craft an Anvil with 8 Iron Ingots.
  • Also, remember that the crafting recipe is specific.
  • Just remember that you will have to place the 8 Iron Ingots by leaving out the right most block of the center row.
  • You will now have an Anvil which you can find in your inventory.


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How to make a Poke Ball?

  • First, you will have to go and collect Apricorns.
  • To make the original Poke Ball in Pixelmon you will have to collect Red Apricots.
  • Now, you will have to add the Apricorns to the Furnace to make them Cooked Apricorns.
  • Place the three Cooked Apricorns in the middle row of the 3×3 Crafting Table to make the Poke Ball discs.
  • Next, place three Aluminium/Iron Ingots in the top row of the 3×3 Crafting Menu to get Aluminium/Iron Discs.
  • Now place both the colored discs on the Anvil one by one and hit them with the hammer to flatter them.
  • After doing this you will have to open the Crafting Menu again.
  • In the center row of the topmost row place the red disc, keep the stone button in the center block of the same column and the aluminum disc in the final block of the same column.
  • You will now get a Pokeball that you can add to your inventory.

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How to make different colored Poke Balls?

To make other types of Poke Balls in Pixelmon you will have to simply change the upper disc. However, the remaining steps remain the same. Below you will find the recipes for other colors.

  • Dive Ball Disc: Cooked Blue Apricorn, Cooked Pink Apricorn, Cooked Blue Apricorn
  • Dusk Ball Disc: Cooked Green Apricorn, Cooked Black Apricorn, Cooked Green Apricorn
  • Fast Ball Disc: Cooked Red Apricorn, Cooked Yellow Apricorn, Cooked Red Apricorn
  • Friend Ball Disc: Cooked Red Apricorn, Cooked Yellow Apricorn, Cooked Green Apricorn
  • Great Ball Disc: Cooked Blue Apricorn, Cooked Red Apricorn, Cooked Blue Apricorn
  • Heal Ball Disc: Cooked White Apricorn, Cooked Pink Apricorn, Cooked White Apricorn
  • Heavy Ball Disc: Cooked Blue Apricorn, Cooked Blue Apricorn, Cooked Blue Apricorn
  • Level Ball Disc: Cooked Yellow Apricorn, Cooked Red Apricorn, Cooked Black Apricorn
  • Love Ball Disc: Cooked Pink Apricorn, Cooked Pink Apricorn, Cooked Pink Apricorn
  • Lure Ball Disc: Cooked Green Apricorn, Cooked Red Apricorn, Cooked Green Apricorn
  • Luxury Ball Disc: Cooked White Apricorn, Cooked Red Apricorn, Cooked Black Apricorn
  • Moon Ball Disc: Cooked Blue ApricornCooked Yellow Apricorn, Cooked Black Apricorn
  • Nest Ball Disc: Cooked Green Apricorn, Cooked Yellow Apricorn, Cooked Green Apricorn
  • Net Ball Disc: Cooked Black Apricorn, Cooked Blue ApricornCooked Black Apricorn
  • Poké Ball Disc: Cooked Red Apricorn, Cooked Red Apricorn, Cooked Red Apricorn,
  • Premier Ball Disc: Cooked White Apricorn, Cooked Red Apricorn, Cooked White Apricorn
  • Quick Ball Disc: Cooked Blue Apricorn, Cooked Yellow Apricorn, Cooked Blue Apricorn
  • Repeat Ball Disc: Cooked Red Apricorn, Cooked Black Apricorn, Cooked Red Apricorn
  • Safari Ball Disc: Cooked Green Apricorn, Cooked Green Apricorn, Cooked Yellow Apricorn
  • Sport Ball Disc: Cooked Red Apricorn, Cooked White Apricorn, Cooked Red Apricorn
  • Timer Ball Disc: Cooked Red Apricorn, Cooked Black Apricorn, Cooked White Apricorn
  • Ultra Ball Disc: Cooked Black Apricorn, Cooked Yellow Apricorn, Cooked Black Apricorn

This is everything that you need to know about how to make Poke Balls in Pixelmon Minecraft. While you are here you can also have a look at the best Pokemon Pixelmon Seeds. Also have a look at How To Carve & Enchant Pumpkins In Minecraft.