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Best Pixelmon Servers For Minecraft

Want to check out the best Pixelmon servers for Minecraft? Check them out right here

The best Pixelmon servers in Minecraft offer the best Pokemon adventure that you’re going to get outside of any Pokemon games. Joining the best servers of Pixelmon in Minecraft will help you play Pokemon the most authentically and as you wish for the experience to be. Here are the best pixelmon servers in Minecraft.


Best Pixelmon Servers For Minecraft

Pixelmon is one of the best mod packs for Minecraft as it brings the popular Pokemon franchise to the game. This mod also brings in Gym trainers and battles and spawns random pokemon on each island, giving players a ton of new things to check out.

You can follow up on Ash Ketchum’s dreams to become a true and the best Pokemon trainer by not only taking part in Gym battles but also by collecting badges, Pokemon and visit different centers scattered all throughout the game. Check out the best Pixelmon servers for Minecraft right here.

best pixelmon servers for minecraft
These are the best Pixelmon servers for Minecraft

Complex Gaming

Complex Gaming server basically has everything for everyone. Here, you will find a ton of activities to do as this server has survival and FTB worlds for players to select. Complex Gaming manages to bring in the true Pokemon experience to the Complex Gaming server and here you can check out all the early generation Pokemon to the latest inhibit the world of Minecraft.

IP: hub.mc-complex.com

Blaze Gaming


Blaze Gaming is an adventure in itself, here you get to pick your starter pokemon and start your very own new Pixelmon journey. Apart from having its own adventure, Blaze Gaming is one of the most popular Pixelmon servers that is taking the entire community by storm. You get leaderboards here and the leader gets a special throne to themselves. While the adventure is long and unending, it certainly is full of exciting things to look out for.

IP: top.mc-blaze.com

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Play in one of three different regions like Oasis, Breeze, and Sunset, this beautiful server offers over 800 Pokemon and is one of the most populated Pixelmon servers. You get a good mix and match of Pokemon and Pixelmon and often will help blur the line making you forget what you’re playing at the first place.


IP: pokeresort.com


If you like the original stories of Pokemon from the game series, then Pokecentral of Pixelmon mod is the best for you. Here you get a couple of premade storylines to take part in and relive the adventure that includes worlds for Ruby, Saphire, Emerald, Crystal, and Gold. This is a great place to make friends with like-minded people and you can just lose yourself in this world of Pokemon.

IP: pokecentral.org


PokeZone will completely make you forget that you’re playing Minecraft as the server is designed to specifically bring adventures from Pokemon Red and Blue. This might be the smallest server on the list but the community in itself is the most wholesome that we’ve found across all the servers. Check out Pokemon Red and Blue with a new Minecraft twist and lose yourself in this new world once again.

IP: play.pokezone.net

These are the best Pixelmon servers in Minecraft that will have you get the most out of the game and breathe in a fresh and new wind under your sails so that you’ll be off on a brand new adventure every time you check these games out.

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