Best Pixelmon Minecraft Servers (2023)

Want to check out the best Pixelmon servers for Minecraft? Check them out right here

The Best Pixelmon Servers in Minecraft given below offer the best Pokemon adventure that you’re going to get outside of any Pokemon games. Joining these servers will help you play Pokemon the most authentically and as you wish for the experience to be. Here are the best Pixelmon Minecraft servers.

Best Pixelmon Servers For Minecraft (2023)

Pixelmon is one of the best modpacks for Minecraft as it brings the popular Pokémon franchise to the game. This mod also brings in Gym trainers, badges, battles and spawns random Pokemon on each island giving players a ton of new things to check out.

What is the Best Pixelmon Server?

These are the best Pixelmon servers for Minecraft that are available right now.

  • Purple Prison IP:
  • Complex Gaming IP:
  • PokeSaga IP:
  • Pixelmon Realms IP:
  • SmashMC IP:
  • Pokecentral IP:
  • PokeResort IP:
  • DestinyMC Network IP:
  • Blaze Gaming IP:
  • Pikadex IP:
  • PokeLand IP:
  • RC-Gamers IP:
  • DirtCraft Pixelmon IP:
  • Poke Islands IP:
  • NobleRealms IP:
  • PocketPixels IP:
  • TreeMC IP:
  • HappyCloud IP:
  • Eternia Pixelmon IP:
  • Holocraft SEA IP:
  • PokeNinjas IP:
  • TheNodeMC IP:
  • MinerGG Pixelmon IP:
  • Pixelmon Harmoney IP:
  • Hallowed Fantasy IP:

best pixelmon servers for minecraft

You can follow up on Ash Ketchum’s dreams to become a true and the best Pokemon trainer by not only taking part in Gym battles but also by collecting badges, Pokemon and visit different centers scattered all throughout the game. There’s something for everyone in the Pixelmon worlds listed above so don’t forget to check them out.

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