Super Mario RPG Pipe Vault Frog Coins Guide

Here’s how to reach and get Pipe Vault Frog Coins in Super Mario RPG.

Pipe Vault is an optional area of the Super Mario RPG. You can easily skip it and travel to the next main story location if you want. But that’s not recommended. The area offers way too many things to let it pass. Apart from the Frog Coins and Hidden Chests, it is also the entrance to another location.

If you are interested in any of the things mentioned above, you are at the right place. Here we have explained how to reach the Pipe Vault, enter a hidden location, and get Frog Coins and Hidden Chests. So read along and find them all.

Super Mario RPG Pipe Vault Frog Coins & Hidden Treasures

Super Mario RPG Pipe Vault Frog Coins
Image Credit: MonkeyKingHero on YouTube

The Pipe Vault is accessible after the Forest Maze. So once you have completed the Forest Maze head to the map and select Pipe Vault. Jump in the pipe and you’ll reach the first level of the vault. It is filled with lava and you’ll be facing Lava Bubbles here. Fight or avoid and jump to reach the next stage. As you clear the stage, you will find places with Frog Coins.

In one of the stages, you’ll also find a Mole Entrepreneur. By talking to this Mole, you get to play a Goomba Thumping Machine. Which sometimes gives Frog Coins. But you have to pay Ten Coins for playing the game.

How to Get Hidden Chests

  • After clearing the stage with Goomba and Piranha Plant, you’ll come to the level with six pipes. Jump in the second one.
  • This is where you’ll find both Hidden Chests and one Frog Coin. Hidden Chests are on the floating row. To get there, jump in front of it.
  • This will reveal the platform. Use it to get on the floating platform and take the Treasure Chests.
  • There are two more hidden chests. One you’ll find by jumping while on the platform in the last area. And another at the Yo’ster Isle.

How to Reach Yo’ster Isle

Jumping in the pipe of the last level of the Pipe Vault will take you to Yo’ster Isle. And going through the Pipe Vault is the only way to unlock the area. Afterward, you can come here with a map. Now for the reason why you should visit Yo’ster Isle. It is because here you get to play Yoshi Race Minigame and meet Fat Yoshi.

That’s all on how to get to Pipe Vault Frog Coins in Super Mario RPG. The map of the game is vast. And there are many treasures, quests, NPCs, and enemies you’ll encounter here. And we cover guides for all these. You can start by getting the Fireworks and then learn how to use Shiny Stone.