How To Make Lunch In Persona 4 Golden

Cooking food in Persona 4 Golden can help you to strengthen your bond and help you to make your fused personal more powerful.

Cooking food sounds like a basic activity in Persona 4 Golden, but it can be vital to boosting your Social Link status. In this tiny guide, I will a tip on how to make lunch in Persona 4 Golden. A simple way to rank up your Social Link and strengthen your bond with party members.

How to cook lunch in Persona 4 Golden?

Persona 4 Golden is not only about beating bosses in the Dungeons. A social RPG game where you have enough time to do side-objectives. Meeting friends, collecting books, classroom exams, etc. One of them is cooking lunch, and you can do this activity to rank your social link with allies at minimum effort.

Go to Dojima Residence during the lunch in the evening for making lunch in Persona 4 Golden. There is one requirement that can limit this activity, you can only cook lunch if Nanako has stocked groceries in the fridge. Or else there won’t be any food making job.

You can cook various meals in Persona 4 Golden, a way to socialize with classmates after school. To more about the list of meals in Persona 4 Golden check our guide on Boxed Lunches. Cooking five perfect boxed lunches will reward with Cooking with the Gas trophy.

So go to Dojima Residence mostly during the evening time and see if there are groceries. Cook some hot food and share with other characters in Persona 4 Golden. This is one of many side activities you can do to strengthen your bond with other NPCs.

With good social link you can unleash stronger attack and defeat bosses like Margaret.