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How to defeat Margaret Secret Boss in Persona 4 Golden

To defeat the toughest boss Margaret in the game you have to first unlock Empress Rank 10 and be with the best possible abilities.

Persona 4 Golden has many bosses, but Margaret is different. She is a hidden boss found in the Velvet Room. At the start, she will be your ally serving you with different missions to fuse Personas. Featuring the Empress Rank once you reach Rank 10 you will unlock the boss fight. But before acing Margaret you will have to defeat all the previous bosses. This might sound too much but do not worry our Persona 4 Golden Boss fight guide will help you in this.

How to Unlock Margaret Boss Fight in Persona 4 Golden

Margaret is a boss in New Game Plus. You won’t be able to challenge her during the main story. Just finish up everything the entire play-through and you will unlock the new Persona 4 Golden Game Plus.

Margaret is available in Velvet room and here you will have to complete all her tasks to reachEmpress Rank 10. Objectives by Margaret include bringing fused Personas to her. To reach Empress Rank 10 there are certain requirements. Click the link above to find out all possible combinations and requirements of every Rank.

After Unlocking Empress Social Rank 10 you will be on your way to the Persona 4 Golden Good Ending. You have to reach this before March 30. These are the two main requirements to unlock Margaret Boss Fight in Persona 4 Golden. There is one more which is mostly the part of the storyline. Defeating all the bosses in the game. To help here is a list of all bosses in Persona 4 Golden their location and date when they will be available to fight.

  • May 1 or after – Go to Yukiko’s Castle to face Contrarian King.
  • June 7 or after – Go to Steamy Bathhouse to face Intolerant Officer.
  • July 12 or after – Go to Marukyu to face Momentary Child.
  • August 13 or after – Go to Void Quest to face Escapist Soldier.
  • October 6 or after – Go to Secret Lab to face Extreme Vessel.
  • November 20 or after – Go to Heaven to face Lost Okina.

How to Defeat Margaret Boss in Persona 4 Golden

Finally, after doing all the above stuff you are ready to deal with Margaret. Continue with the story until Igor gives you an Orb of Sight. Go to Velvet Room and you will be able to see Margaret there. She will give you an Aqua Invitation and challenge you to fight her. But this is only possible if you are done with all the above requirements. This is where Persona 4 Golden toughest boss fight begins.

Here are some tips to defeat Margaret in Persona 4 Golden:

Being a hard challenge you have to be very powerful to proceed. All your party members should be at the max level. You have to somewhere over 80. Also, carry a lot of curative items in your inventory, you will have to heal yourself multiple times during the boss fight. Add all items that restore HP and SP in your bag.

Margaret can attack twice, this makes her quite a powerful boss in the game. Two attacks mean a lot of damage and if you are not prepared for this you will lose. Margaret can use different types of attacks, she can deal with high damages using elemental attacks of Fire, Ice, Wind, Electric, and Almighty. She is also capable of attacking with Mind Charge or Power Charge to amplify the strength of her next attack.

So here you will need a healer with max Social Link. Personas like Ishtar or Kohyru fit best in this category. You can also use fused personal that can have Salvation and Samarecarm. Try causing physical damage, this how you can deal with Margaret in Persona 4 Golden. Mind charge and Heal will help you to stay in the fight.

If you are taking too much time then be ready for a special Megidolaon attack. After 50 turns Margaret will unleash the most powerful attack with max damage and to an extent the game over the move. If you have auto-revival you might stay in the right. Deal 12,500 damage and she will not use the Megidolaon attack. The only way to deal with her is by using a lot of physical attacks. Do not forget to power charge your attacks to amplify damage.

Defeating Margaret will give you One Who Has Proven Their Power trophy.