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Persona 4 Golden Boxed Lunches Guide – How To Cook A Perfect Meal

Learn how to cook perfect boxed lunches to unlock Cooking with Gas Trophy. Checkout all the requirements to cook boxed lunches.

Boxed Lunches is an in-game activity where everyone decides for a supper. This is not a regular thing, you can unlock a trophy in Persona 4 Golden if you can cook a perfect boxed lunch. There are requirements for doing this and this guide will help you. After cooking 5 perfected boxes you can unlock the trophy. So let’s begin.

Persona 4 Golden Boxed Lunches Recipe


If you can cook a perfect boxed lunch it will be shared by other character next day. This will help you to boost your Social Link which is important in Persona 4 Golden. So it is recommended to cook the perfect boxed lunch and here is the list of all meals. Also there is a requirement or method to use, if you fulfill that it is crowned as perfect boxed lunch.

  1. Broiled Fish – Wrap it tightly
  2. California Rolls – Mix and cool simultaneously
  3. Carrot and Burdock Root Kinpira – Add soy sauce & mirin
  4. Chakin Sushi – Thinned eggs
  5. Cream Stew – Dump in all the cold milk
  6. Croquettes Curry – High simmer
  7. Daigaku-Imo – Deep fry them
  8. Fried Chicken – Potato starch
  9. Ginger Pork – Score it with a knife
  10. Grilled Fish – Strong heat but from far away
  11. Gyoza – Olive oil
  12. Hamburgers – Cut a hole and look for juice
  13. Kakuni – Mirin, sugar and sake
  14. Marinated Spinach – Strain it
  15. Meat Stew – Simmer with a dropped lid
  16. Mentaiko Pasta – Mayonnaise
  17. Oden – Keep on a low flame and don’t boil
  18. Potato Salad – Smash while still hot
  19. Pudding – Vanilla extract
  20. Sweet and Sour Pork – Potato starch
  21. Tonkatsu – Flour, egg, then panko
  22. Vichyssoise – Add lots of milk
  23. Yakiniku Bento – Use soy sauce

So here is the list of all boxed lunches in Persona 4 Golden and methods to turn it into a perfect boxed lunch. Follow the steps and unlock Cooking Gas Trophy by cooking 5 of these boxed meals in Persona 4 Golden.