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Persona 5 Golden Books Collectible Guide – 32 Books Locations

Books are kind of collectibles in Persona 5 Golden allowing you to boost stats with friends. Many are easy to find but some can be missed easily, use our guide to find all of them.

Persona 5 Golden is a big game with a mystery to solve you can do a lot of side jobs to boost your character stats. The better stats are the more powerful you become and beat down bosses. Completing objectives like finding all books in Persona 5 Golden can also help you to boost stats. Even task like answering Classroom Questions, or gaining knowledge does the same. So why leave them if you can unlock a trophy and boost your character stats without fighting. To save your time here are the locations 32 books in Persona 5 Golden. Read this guide to know how to buy these books, from where to buy, and how to unlock some books that are easy to miss.

How to unlock Compulsive Reader trophy in Persona 5 Golden?


Collecting all the books will reward you with two things. A compulsive Reader Trophy and Reader King accessory that grants +10 magic. So it is quiet worth spending time in collecting them. Some books can be unlocked anytime while some will be available after completing a task.

1. The Ramen Way

Eat with Aiya eight times in Persona 5 Golden and you can unlock the Raymen way anytime in the game. There is no date restriction to this book.


2. Books you can buy from Yomenaido Bookstore

Here are the list of books you can purchase from Yomenadio Bookstores. It will be available only after the date listed below next to each book.

  1. The Lovely Man – After 20th April
  2. Expert Study Methods – After 20th April
  3. Beginner Fishing – After 20th April
  4. Off Today – After 6th May.
  5. Office Work Manual – After 6th May.
  6. The Gentle Way – After 6th May. (Talk to Avid Reader outside the store and bring to Peach Seed)
  7. Witch Detective – After 29th May. (Complete Bathhouse dungeon first, and agree to meet Daisuke or Kou)
  8. English Made Easy – After 1st June.
  9. Easy Origami – After 1st June.
  10. The Punk’s Way – After 3rd June. (Talk to Avid Reader outside the store and feed the cat at Samegawa Riverbank)
  11. Forever Macho – After 11th June.
  12. 100 Ghost Stories – After 11th June.
  13. Catching Bugs – After 11th June.
  14. Short on Cash – After 28th June.
  15. Expert Fishing – After 28th June.
  16. Guide to Pests – After 3rd July. (Talk to Avid Reader outside the store and give Hard boots.)
  17. Man of History – After 15th July.
  18. Home Gardening – After 15th July.
  19. Poly-land – After 15th July. (Accept to hangout on 17 from to boost your Strength Social)
  20. Changing Careers – After 4th August.
  21. Hyperspeed Reading – After 4th August.
  22. The O-Cha Way – After 10th August. (Accept to hangout to boost your Strength Social)
  23. Picross Rules! – After 11th August. (Talk to Avid Reader outside the store and give him fashionable dishes.)
  24. The Divine Way – After 21st August. (Attend Summer Festival with a girl)
  25. Man-God – After 24th August.
  26. Food Fight! – After 24th August.
  27. Sense’s Friends – After 20th October.
  28. Who Am I? – After 26th September. (Talk to Avid Reader outside the store and choose Judo medalists’ names, how one should live as a punk, 2 pages per pest and me to unlock this book)
  29. Farewell to Man – After 12th October.
  30. The Final Lesson – After 1st November.
  31. World-Class Bugs – After 1st November.


Keep a close watch on the dates and activities. Most of the books are easy to collect in Persona 4 Golden. You just have to visit the Yomenaido Bookstore and interact with a few NPC’s around. Collect all 32 books using this guide and unlock the trophy and accessory. Knowledge is power!