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Persona 4 Golden: How To Increase Expression?

If you want to raise Expression in Persona 4 Golden, try these steps. Keep ranking up to eventually max Expression in the game.

In Persona 4 Golden, there are five social qualities or stats that you must improve and max out in the game for rewards. For the previous social stats that we have covered, check out our guides on how to increase Knowledge, Courage, Diligence and Understanding. The most important ones out of these are Knowledge, Courage and Understanding, but Expression isn’t too far behind. In this guide we will explain how to raise Expression in Persona 4 Golden. Let’s begin.

Boost Expression in Persona 4 Golden


The Expression stat gives you more options to say and do stuff in the story. When you raise it enough, it will open up the Hierophant (Dojima) and Justice (Nanako) social links. Here are the five levels of Expression in Persona 4 Golden:

  • Level 1: Rough (under 12 points)
  • Level 2: Eloquent (13 to 32 points)
  • Level 3: Persuasive (33 to 52 points)
  • Level 4: Touching (53 to 84 points)
  • Level 5: Enthralling (More than 85 points)

How to Raise and Max Expression?


Do the following things to raise your Expression level in the game.

  • Work part-time as a tutor
  • Work part-time as a translator
  • Go to the Cultural club regularly
  • Give the correct answers in class. Our guide on all Classroom Answers will help you out.
  • Reading these books:
    • The Gentle Way
    • The Punk’s Way
    • The O-cha Way
    • The Divine Way
    • English made Easy

This stat, although not very important, is useful to rank up the social links of Justice and Hierophant. Also, the quest #12 will need the Expression stat to be complete.


So this is everything about Expression in Persona 4 Golden. For more tips and tricks for this game, check out Persona 4 Golden guides on GamerTweak.