Pelican Eel In Dave The Diver: How To Find & Catch

You can't upgrade to Steel Net Gun without hunting the Pelican Eel in Dave the Diver.

If you want to upgrade your Net Gun, then you’ll have to find & catch Pelican Eel in Dave the Diver. This is one of the Rank 9 sea creatures that you can not only sell or use to cook sushi but also upgrade a tool out of it. However, it is quite powerful and kind of a hassle to capture. But if you equip Dave with the right equipment then you surely stand a chance. So to help you capture the Pelican Eel, below we have mentioned the location and some tips that you should keep in mind during the hunt.

Where to Find Pelican Eel in Dave the Diver (Location)

Pelican Eel In Dave The Diver: How To Find & Catch
Source Image: NotHideh

In Dave the Diver, players can find & catch the Pelican Eel in the Glacier Passage. This passage comes right before you enter the Glacier Area. It is unlocked as soon as you progress to Chapter 4. But before heading there do note, the area is pretty cold and to counter that Dave will need the Wet Suit. After you have the suit head to the passage and wait for the Pelican Eel to appear. As the Glacier Passage has low creatures spawn, so it might take a minute or two. Players identify this creature by their brownish color and eel-type shape.

While hunting make sure to keep an eye out because just like the Moray Eel, this eel is also pretty offensive and powerful. The best way to catch it is simply to sneak and strike until the fish is heavily injured or slain. Players can always use the Poison Harpoon tip or the Tranquilizer Gun to speed up the process. If you decide to kill the Pelican Eel, then it will drop the Pelican Eel Skin item that is used to upgrade to Steel Net Gun. On the hand, capturing it can allow you to make tasty sushi out of it or sell it for some profit.

That covers everything about the location to find & catch Pelican Eel in Dave the Diver easily. If you’re hiring staff for your sushi restaurant, then check out the best Employees tier list. Also, take a look at the steps to get the best taste for your dishes in Dave the Diver.