Dave The Diver Staff Tier List – Best Employees Ranked

Want to get the best staff employees? Check out our Dave the Diver Staff tier list ranking all the employees from best to worst.

If you are looking for a Dave the Diver Staff tier list, turns out your current employees might not be handling things, well. As you start hiring employees, they can help out running Bancho’s sushi restaurant faster and more smoothly. While they can only help out Dave or Bancho in the kitchen or dining area, their innate abilities and skills play a crucial role. With various staff employees, some have a surprisingly high rank for Cooking while some have a higher rank for serving skills. So, what employees should you prioritize? Since it all comes down to the stats and skills they unlock after training or leveling them up, we have compiled a tier list. Find out our tier list ranking the best staff employees from best to worst.

Dave the Diver Staff Tier List – Best Employees Ranked

dave the diver staff tier list best employees ranked

Here are all the staff employees ranked in Dave the Diver from best to worst:

S Tier

  • Yone
  • El Nino

A Tier

  • Maki
  • Charlie
  • Tohoku
  • Masayoshi
  • Cohh

B Tier

  • Raptor
  • Mitchel
  • James
  • Itsuki
  • Billy
  • Jandi

C Tier

  • Kyoko
  • Liu
  • Carolina

Who is the Best Staff Employee?

In terms of Cooking in the kitchen area, Yone is the best staff employee in Dave the Diver with 1752 cooking ratings. Once she unlocks Cooking ++ and Ingredient Prepping Expert as skills on level 20, her cooking drastically improves. So, we recommend placing this employee in the Kitchen area for as long as possible. But if you haven’t employed her yet, we suggest sending out various job ads to acquire her for the Sushi Bar.

On the other hand, El Nino is a diamond-tier employee with the highest serving stats. When it comes down to the restaurant area, none of the staff employees compare to the serving skills of the masked El-Nino. With the highest serving rating of 1033 at level 20, you can rely on this employee to serve customers quickly during a busy day.

That’s all about the Dave the Diver staff tier list ranking the best employees. If this tier list helped you out, check out our guides on how to hire and use Staff employees, how to use auto-supply, and more Dave the Diver Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.