Outriders: Can You Romance Characters?

Are there any romance options in Outriders? Find out here.

In Outriders, you embark on a dark journey where you are constantly under threat. With loads of weapons, skills and abilities, you can take on various dangers and enemies and level up. The game in itself is a third person shooter and it has RPG elements as well. But are you wondering if there are romance options in Outriders? Well, even though you may be on a hostile planet, love can bloom anywhere. In fact, when characters fight tough battles together, they can come closer and friendship can turn to romantic relationship, right? Let’s address this query in this quick guide on romance in Outriders.

Is there Romance in Outriders?

Unfortunately, there is no romance in Outriders. Even though the game takes some inspiration from Mass Effect, there are no romance options or loving relationships you can get into in this one. The focus is solely the action aspect of it. Although there are some romantic vibes observed between characters in cutscenes and dialogue choices, it doesn’t go anywhere.

can you have romantic relationship outriders

As per the developers (People Can Fly), the world of Outriders is dark and brutal and the main concern for them is survival. Romance can wait and we have to agree. Will there be any romance options in upcoming updates? Well, doesn’t look like it. The developers have stated pretty clearly that the gameplay will be all about looting and shooting and no romance in Outriders.

For now, the devs are focusing on fixing the issues that came with launch and several bugs that have creeped into the game. While playing, if you get stuck at any part of the game, make sure to check out our Outriders guides that will help you out. We’ve got tips on boss fights, explained the meaning of certain terms that can confuse you and much more.