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How To Jump In Outriders?

Wondering if you can jump in Outriders? Get your answer here!

There’s lots to do in this looter shooter game like collecting resources, crafting and even customizing the Truck you travel in. But among all these, jumping doesn’t seem to be one of them which is baffling new players in this genre. So, can you jump in Outriders and if yes, how? If not, why is it so? This is what is on the minds of many players. Keep reading to get this confused cleared and find out if it’s a bug or if jumping is really not an option in the game.

Can you Jump in Outriders?


How To Jump In Outriders

You cannot jump in Outriders and there is no dedicated button for it. This is because many third person shooters don’t allow you to jump and Outriders follows suit. Other similar games are Mass Effect and Gears of War which are shooting games which do not have the jump key.

Although this option is not directly available in the game,  it’s not an unnecessary obstacle added to frustrate you. In reality, there won’t be any area that you have to jump over on the Outriders map.


If you think you’ve encountered such a place, there will be something else you may have to do to unlock access to that location, like talking to a certain NPC or completing a challenge. So, you won’t need the jump key and you can finish the campaign and what lies ahead without jumping.

In case you aren’t used to this, you will eventually get a hang of it by playing Outriders a lot. This could be quite a transition for players who jump into Outriders from other shooter games that allow jumping but it is what it is.

So, can you jump in Outriders? No, you cannot but that’s because it is not needed in this game. But you do need loads of resources to upgrade and level up and we’ve got lots of Outriders guides for you that will help you do just that.