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How To Get All Legendary Armors In Outriders

Do you wish to know how to get all legendary armor sets in Outriders? Make sure to check it out right here

Legendary armors in Outriders are the best ones that you can get your hands on. These armor sets will provide you with passive buffs and getting these is a testament to your skill and hard work in the game. Each class has a different set of legendary armors that you can use but before you can use them, you’re going to need to know about how to unlock legendary armors in Outriders. Make sure to check the rest of the article to know more.

How To Get Legendary Armors In Outriders


Legendary armors in Outriders can be obtained by defeating bosses and higher rank enemies in the game. The higher the difficult tier that you have set for yourself, the more chance you have of obtaining legendary armors in the game. Enemies like the captain or others that are more powerful and stronger than the average enemies have a higher percentage of dropping some of this type of loot, so make sure that you look for boss fights whenever you require a new armor set.

how to get legendary armor sets in outriders
To get legendary armor sets in Outriders you will need to defeat high ranking enemies and play on higher difficulty

That being said, you can always play a past boss fight by increasing the world tier difficulty, this will allow you to get better weapons and gear including legendary armors and weapons. Farming this kind of gear can be a bit difficult but this is the only way.


You can also check out at your local vendor for a legendary armor set, each armor set has 5 pieces needed to complete it. Getting your hands on all 5 pieces will complete the set and allow you to get the associated perk or passive bonuses.

Here are the following World Tier and the Percentage Increase in Drop Rate of a legendary armor in Outriders:

World Tier 1
Difficulty: Story
Percentage Increase in Drop Rate: 0


World Tier 2
Difficulty: Easy
Percentage Increase in Drop Rate: 30%

World Tier 3
Difficulty: Normal
Percentage Increase in Drop Rate: 70%

World Tier 4
Difficulty: Hard
Percentage Increase in Drop Rate: 130%


World Tier 5
Difficulty: Expert
Percentage Increase in Drop Rate: 215%

World Tier 6
Difficulty: Master
Percentage Increase in Drop Rate: 285%

Each class has a few set of legendary armors that they can get in the game, below you will find all the legendary armors for each individual class in Outriders:

Best Legendary Armors For Devastator:

Seismic Commander Armor Set: Enemies inflicted by Bleed Status will get increased damage of 150%.

Statue Armor Set: Using skills like Golem or Tremors will help by doubling your firepower and will increase the leech properties of your and your teammates’ weapons.

Deathproof Armor Set: This will help you to reduce the cooldown of Boulderdash by 90%.

Marshal’s Armor Set: The ability Endless Mass pulls enemies together and deals damage to all of them at the same time.

Best Legendary Armors For Pyromancer:

The Torturer’s Armor Set: Volcanic rounds now have triple the size and will damage the area where the aura surrounds each bullet.

The Lava Lich Armor Set: Increases the damage of Eruption ability and also reduces the cooldown time.

The Reforged Armor Set: Skills like Feed the Flames and Thermal Bomb will have a 50% higher damage/

The Acari Armor Set: Each damaged enemy will grant a 25% anomaly power bonus for 10 seconds.

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Best Legendary Armors For Technomancer:

The Borealis Monarch Armor Set: Frozen enemies will incur 80% more damage from weapons. All party members also get CRIT damage bonuses for 10 seconds.

The Plague Sower Armor Set: Using Toxic status on enemies will gain 5% damage for 5 seconds.

Torrential Downpour Armor Set: Using Scrapnel will result in creating additional bombs affecting a large radius.

Grim Inventor Armor Set: Activating Tool of Destruction will help you restore 20% of ammo for both minigun and RPG with every enemy hit.

Best Legendary Armors For Trickster:

The Chronosuit Armor Set: You get ammo back whenever you revert time.

Trespasser Armor Set: You become invincible inside the Slow Trap.

The Ugake Otarah’s Armor Set: Using Hunt the Prey will not result in your consuming your cooldown time when teleporting behind an enemy marked with Venator’s knife.

Cannonball Armor Set: Refill ammo every time you kill an enemy by using a melee skill.

Each legendary armor suit in Outriders suits a particular skill and depending on your reliance on the specific skill and class, you should opt to get that particular legendary armor in Outriders. This is all there is to know about how to get legendary armors in Outriders.

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