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How To Beat Shaman Warlord In Outriders

Find out how to beat the Shaman Warlord in Outriders

The Shaman Warlord is one of the mini-bosses that keeps popping up regularly in and around the Outriders map. This enemy can be a bit annoying with all its special attacks and abilities. As the World Tier goes up the difficulty also increases making it difficult to kill this enemy. You do need to be attentive when facing the Shaman Warlord and be on your defensive best. In this guide, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to beat the Shaman Warlord in Outriders.

How to defeat Shaman Warlord in Outriders


Outriders Beat Shaman Warlord
Beware of the Shaman Warlord’s special attack.

Follow these steps to beat the Shaman Warlord in Outriders.

  • The first thing to do when you face Shaman Warlord or any enemy in Outriders is to read their attacks and predict them.
  • This is especially true for enemies like the Shaman Warlord in Outriders who rely on special attacks in the game.
  • In the fight against the Shaman Warlord, it is best to take a defensive stance.
  • This means hiding behind objects and barriers to shield yourself from attacks.
  • Use long-range attacks with your rifle.
  • When the Shaman Warlord is charging up its special attack, try to use your ability as the Warlord will be stationary.
  • During attacks like the Shield Toss or Lightning Bolt Storm, you will find yourself running away to dodge the debris and attacks.
  • During the Chain Lightning Attack, try to Interrupt the Shaman Warlord’s special attack so that you can gain a small opening in which you can attack.
  • The best plan of action while attacking the Shaman Warlord is doing so between its special attacks.


The Shaman Warlord has massive HP compared to some of the other mini-bosses.  Due to its massive HP, it will stay around for a longer time. The Shaman Warlord will also keep using its special abilities. Blocking and interrupting these attacks will give you a window of opportunity to deal some massive damage. Outriders is a game where your defensive stats are important for survival. Make sure you have the correct Mods beforehand. 

This is everything you need to know about How to beat the Shaman Warlord in Outriders. While fighting enemies learn to look for your destination by opening the map. If you’re looking for some custom insignia find out how you can customize your banner.