Outriders: How To Increase Challenge Tier In Expeditions

Here's how to increase Challenge Tier in Outriders.

For certain users, Outriders’ endgame is the real deal. These levels will be your key source of Epic and Legendary loot gears, with fifteen special quests. The Challenge Tier structure works as the backbone of this system. This determines your collectible gear level and the Expedition’s complexity. The Challenge Tier system in Outriders determines the difficulty and prizes required for expeditions. It also functions similarly to the World Tier system in the regular game. To level Challenge Tiers, you have to play a bit differently instead as you do with World Tiers. So let’s look at how to increase Challenge Tier in Outriders.

How to Increase Challenge Tier in Outriders?

The only way to unlock higher Challenge Tiers in Outriders is by completing quests in the highest Challenge Tier you’re in and by earning either Gold or Silver medals for that quest.

How to Increase Challenge Tier in Outriders

This means that if you want to progress up the Expedition Challenge Tier ladder in Outriders, you’ll have to finish the quest in the highest tiers you already unlocked. To unlock Challenge Tier 6, for example, you must first complete Challenge Tier 5. You will easily reach Challenge Tier 4 by playing well during starting Tiers. But after Tier 4, you must clear the previous tier to progress to the next higher tier.

If you wish to raise your Challenge Tier, you must also win Gold or Silver medals by beating the clock. Meaning, if your highest Challenge Tier is currently 5, beating Expedition levels with Silver medals will unlock Challenger Tier 6 for you. But if you are able to obtain Gold medals in Expedition levels on Challenge Tier 5 then you can unlock Challenge Tiers 6 and 7.

That’s everything you needed to know about how to increase Challenge Tier in Outriders. While you are here check out more tips & tricks about Outriders in our Outriders Guides.