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How To Fix Outriders Old Powers Bug

Here's the solution for the Outriders Old Powers Bug that doesn't let you progress in the side quest.

There’s a bug in the Old Powers side quest and players are wondering how to solve it. If you are looking for answers regarding the same, here’s what you need to know. In this case, players are not able to get ahead because of the log placed in between. This issue occurs during the section of the third obelisk in this side mission. Turns out, the quest tracker is buggy. There’s one thing you can do, though, to get your progress and we will explain it in this guide. Here’s how to fix the Outriders Old Powers bug.

Outriders Old Powers Bug Fix


Due to the quest tracker being bugged, you need to look at your map to get to the right area. The tracker does not update so it gives you the wrong directions. So, players have to head to the correct zone by looking at the quest map and then continue your journey.

How to Fix Outriders Old Powers Bug

Those facing this Outriders Old Powers glitch have posted on Reddit and some helpful Redditors have responded how to fix it. Here are their responses.


Check out another response by a Redditor which details the steps:


These are the directions in case you are not able to open the Reddit link:


  • First you need to be near the travel flag. Then, look towards the stairs. When you do this, you will see that you are facing the overgrown statue on the map.
  • Now, there will be the Hidden Ruins Obelisk to your left.
  • Make sure you turn your back to the overgrown statue and continue to the river. Then, go right while also being very close to the right wall. Players will see the Spire Courtyard Obelisk.
  • With your back towards the Overgrown statue,  head to the river and turn left, sticking to the left wall. Doing this will allow you to reach the Valley Ruins Obelisk.

That’s pretty much it. The problem lies with the tracker where it does not update to the next area which is why most players are confused. All you have to do is head to the right zone on your own by checking out the quest map.

We hope this Outriders glitch is solved soon. Until then, follow this trick to solve the Outriders Old Powers Bug. This looter shooter game gained a lot of popularity ever since its demo released but its main game launch ended up having a lot of bugs. We’ve covered articles on workarounds for all of the bugs so make sure to read them too. Simply search the issue in our search bar to get the answers.

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