Outriders: How To Beat The Altered Bailey (Boss Fight)

Here's how to defeat the Altered Bailey Boss in Outriders.

Bailey is one of the NPCs with whom you form a strong bond early on. She ascended the social ladder to become Corrigan’s, right-hand woman. In return for an audience with Corrigan, you agreed to escort her and her prisoner from Deadrock Pass to Trench Town. She used to hate the altered as they killed her friends, but when she turns in an altered herself, she becomes hostile towards you. So let’s look at how to fight and beat the altered Bailey in Outriders Boss fight.

How to Beat the Altered Bailey Boss in Outriders?

To fight and beat the altered Bailey in Outriders Boss fight you need to start the Relics quest. Here’s how to play through the quest and beat altered Bailey boss.

First, the quest asks you to “Set up a receiver above the canopy to retrace the signal.” Let’s look at the area objectives that lead up to the boss battle.

Area objective: Clear the Rubble

  • In the Ruins, follow the waypoint and destroy the first wave of enemies. After that, clear the Rubble to proceed to the next place.

Area objective: Clear the Rocks

  • Go to the Courtyard and annihilate all of the enemies in the region.

Area objective: Climb the Tower

  • Continue on the path marked by the quest waypoint and defeat the creatures in the Ruins. After that, climb the Tower to continue the quest.

How to Defeat Bailey in Outriders (Tips & Strategies)

  • There is a legacy quest bug or glitch in the Outriders altered Bailey boss battle that freezes the game if you are using turrets as Technomancer. If you are an unfortunate victim of this glitch, just replace the current skill with any other.
  • This glitch is not present for the other three classes.
  • Altered Bailey’s attacks are fast and widespread, causing you to fight her up close.
  • As much as possible, use your Interruption skills to hinder all of her talents.
  • As you see her incoming attacks as a glowing red path facing you, make sure to run and dodge to avoid all of such incoming attacks.
  • The arena in which you fight her is small and cramped, so take cover behind the two pillars if you don’t want to be struck.
  • When you see blue circles appear on the ground, keep your distance and dodge to the sides. If you don’t avoid them, they can easily kill you.
  • Keep landing headshots and your skills continuously and you will beat her in no time.

We hope this helps you beat and kill Bailey boss in Outriders. Need help with more bosses? We’ve got them all on Outriders guides.