Outriders: Best Expeditions For Farming Loot

Here are the best expeditions for farming loot in Outriders.

For some players, Outriders’ final phase is the real deal. Expeditions are high-level quests that Outriders can complete to obtain level 50 weapons and gear. These levels will be your primary source of Epic and Legendary loot gear, with fifteen special missions to complete. The Challenge Tier mechanism forms the basis of this scheme. This determines the number of collectible items you can obtain as well as the Expedition’s difficulty. The Challenge Tier system in Outriders establishes the level of difficulty and rewards needed for expeditions. In this endgame material, you’ll face off against Enoch’s most fearsome and vicious enemies. Expeditions are huge, hand-crafted new levels that vary from the main game campaign in terms of gameplay and difficulty. So today let’s look at the best expeditions for farming loot in Outriders.

Best Expeditions for Farming Loot in Outriders?

Here are the best expeditions for farming loot in Outriders:

  • Archways of Enoch
  • BoomTown
  • Chem Plant
  • Colosseum

Best Expeditions for Farming Loot in Outriders

Archways of Enoch

Archways of Enoch is divided into three rooms, all of which are relatively easy to complete. The first space pits you against a Brood Mother and slew of smaller alien creatures and, while the second pits you against a Brood Mother, some Alpha Perforos, and a slew of other lower-tier foes while protecting a totem. Finally, while the very big boss room has a slew of monsters, its scale makes it simple to kite them. Stick to the outer ring in the battle room and use it to your benefit.


One of the best places to start farming is BoomTown. It’s a difficult spot to beat the first few times though when there are so many Captains and Juggernauts. It is, however, the shortest of the Expeditions. This is the easiest and most powerful Expedition to farm if the player can easily take out Elite opponents.   In this Expedition, even silver prizes are always worth the hassle. You can use the stairwell as a control point. This will help the player avoid being surrounded while also providing enough protection.

Chem Plant for Farming Loot in Outriders

If you get the hang of it, the Chem Plant is a perfect place to farm. Keep an eye on the opponents’ attack habits to get a sense of how these battles will play out. Chem Plant is divided into four interactions and focuses nearly exclusively on humans. It’s also one of the most straightforward boss rooms in the whole endgame, which is a huge bonus. Make use of the setting to your favor to prevent the opponent from swarming you. After this combat, you can proceed to the boss area, which is slightly easier.


There are only three interactions in the Colosseum. If you can kill Elite tier enemies easily, all of the encounters just aren’t that tough. If you intend on farming this, you’ll need a good damage-per-second build. The ability to easily melt the Brood Mothers will make this Expedition a breeze. Only make sure the Alphas don’t overwhelm you in the second spot, so you’ll be fine.

That’s everything you need to know about the best expeditions for farming loot in Outriders. While you are here, also check out more tips & tricks in our Outriders Guides, like: