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How To Find And Use Iron In Outriders

What to do with Iron in Outriders? Know how to find and use it right here.

After consistently playing the game, you will end up collecting a lot of resources/crafting materials and it isn’t so clear what to do with these resources. Iron is one such item that you will find and players are wondering how to spend Iron in Outriders? Don’t worry, in this guide I will take you through the process of getting and using Iron easily.

How to Get Iron in Outriders


how to spend iron outriders

You can obtain Iron in Outriders by dismantling weapons. Plus, you can mine ore veins and get it as well. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for rock formations or walls all over the world. They will have a blue glow that will indicate Iron. Once you spot it, simply approach it and interact with it to harvest Iron. After mining Iron, it will be dropped and you must pick it up to add it to your inventory. It’s a common resource unlike Titanium which is much rare.

In terms of dismantling gear, we’ve got a guide for you that will show you the process. It’s simple – all you need to do is select the item you want to disassemble and then hold the button which is associated with dismantling. But Iron is not a guaranteed resource from this method.


How to Spend Iron

Once you have collected this resource, you may be wondering how to spend Iron in Outriders. Basically it is a crafting material and you can use it to upgrade the weapons in your arsenal. Since things get much tougher as you progress and there will be more World Tiers and Challenge Tiers to unlock, you will have to upgrade your gear and change mods. For this purpose, Iron will come in handy because Doctor Zahedi will ask for it as a requirement.

That’s everything on how to get and use Iron in Outriders. There’s also something else you will need and that’s Leather in Outriders. Don’t forget to check out how that comes into the picture while crafting. And for tips and tricks about the best builds, boss fight strategies and more, head over to our Outriders wiki guides.